Wednesday, August 13, 2008

LTTE garrison towns Kalvilan & Mulankavil falls to security forces - Wanni [Updated]

Security forces Wednesday (August 13) took total control over Kalvilan a garrison town of the LTTE, approximately 3kms Southwest of Thunukkai following days long heavy confrontations with LTTE bordering the western front of the Mullaittivu district.

The gain of Kalvilan by troops of the 57 Division adds advantage toward the security forces positioned in clear striking distance of Thunukkai a vital terrorist garrison along the Vellankaulam- Mankulam main road. The advancing military formations had to force through LTTE laid mine fields and traps despite continuous enemy artillery barrages, Wanni security sources said.

LTTE resistance disintegrated as terrorists were forced to flee with serious casualties, unable to sustain the intense military onslaught, the sources said. According to finalized military reports 2 terrorists were killed and many others injured during pitched battles erupted yesterday between troops and LTTE at Kalvilan. Also military said, that a soldier had laid his life and another reported injured in the course.

Troops are now consolidating defences in the area, security sources further said. Meanwhile, troops of the Task Force - 1 operating at the South Western border of Kilinochchi have also gained dominance at the Mulankavil and Pallavarayakaddu general areas Tuesday(12), Wanni military sources said. At least 20 LTTE terrorists were killed including an area LTTE leader identified as Thennaman, MCNS reported. According to Army sources, the Mulankavil playground was used as a venue by the terrorist outfit for Mahaviru day and Pongu Tamil celebrations.

An LTTE communication tower has also come under the security forces control Army said adding that Mulankavil was used as an administrative hub of the LTTE linking Kilinochchi and Mullaittivu Districts. Clearing operations are now continuing in the area, sources further said.

Troops marching in the newly captured LTTE garrison town Mulankavil, Kilinochchi district. At lest 20 LTTE terrorists were killed including an LTTE area leader Thennaman during confrontations with security forces.

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