Friday, September 11, 2009

Conditions in welfare villages excellent - Alok Prasad

"The conditions in relief villages in Sri Lanka are exceptional compared to other countries and the facilities provided by the Sri Lankan Government to the public in release villages are praiseworthy", said H.E Alok Prasad, Indian High Commissioner to Sri Lanka addressing a meeting in Colombo recently.
"Such the standard of these villages are outstanding and excellent", High Commissioner Alok Prasad was additional quoted as saying at the event held in approval of the armed forces provided by the Indian medical team.
The Indian medical team was in the island to uplift the physical condition amenities of the civilians liberated as of the terrorists.
He further spoken India's gratitude to the Sri Lankan Government for the amenities provided to the Indian medical team..
"The Indian doctors were send-off the island after providing a worthy repair. They were in the island for nearly eight months", Minister Nimal Siripala De Silva said highly commending the medics. Certificates of approval of work were presented to the doctors. Meanwhile, the Indian High official presented a stock of drugs to the Health Minister.

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