Monday, December 14, 2009

Pavatkulam to be rehabilitated

The re-awakening project launched under the Nation Building and Estate communications Development Ministry has taken the plan to rehabilitate Pavatkulam in the Vavuniya region at a cost of Rs 50 million with World Bank financial help
Project Director P. H. Sugathadasa said this is a major irrigation system in the Vavuniya district with a ability of 27,000 acre feet. It will give irrigation facilities for in excess of 4,134 acres of paddy land in the area.
The rehabilitation of this tank had been neglected for a long era due to the war situation in the region for the past three decades. Canals, wash and the dam tank's have been injured due to the non-implementation of treatment work for a long period, sources said.
The tank will be re-constructed under the ongoing treatment process.
Over 3,300 families in the Vavuniya district will benefit with the conclusion of this scheme
Courtesy : Daily News

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