Thursday, November 19, 2009

Remainder of bogus asylum seekers agree to disembark the ship

The remainder of the original group of 78 bogus asylum seekers, after a three week stand off agreed to go away an Australian customs ship moored of near the Indonesian island of Bintane on Wednesday (Nov 18), Australian journalists reported.
The 78 asylum seekers were picked up by the Australian ship sea Viking in International waters as they were on their way to Australia.
When they were to be taken to Bintane, they refused to come ashore demanding that they be sent only to Australia.
Last week part of the asylum seekers decided to go to Bintane when they were promised the speedy processing of their 'refugee' claims by the United Nations refugee organization, the UNHCR.
Indonesian officials have promised to send the last lot of 56 to Bintane island dispensation center and detain them only for one month.
An official was quoted as saying, "They would be detained for one month following their claims are processed by the UNHCR previous to they could be sent to a third state eager [to take them in".
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