Sunday, August 16, 2009

More buses for Jaffna, Point Pedro and Karainagar depots

The Government has taken necessary actions to get bigger transport facilities for public of the Northern Province. Accordingly, Buses and spare parts were provided for the depots in Jaffna, Point Pedro and Karainagar lately.
"We are thankful to the Government for increasing the convey facilities in the Northern province and it would be a great help for the people who live in these areas and it will make their day-to-day life easy," Sri Lanka Transport Board Northern region Chief Manager, Ganesh Pullai said.
"Since, there are many growth projects that have been in progress in these areas we can expect a main economic and cultural growth there in the near future" he further said participating at a event at the Sri Lanka Transport Board skull place of work to provide buses and spare parts for three depots in the Northern province.
Road traveler Transport Minister, Lasantha Alagiyawanna and Sri Lanka convey Board Chairman Dhammika Hewapathirana also attended the event.

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