Saturday, September 12, 2009

Karainagar striding towards Prosperity with newly dawned Peace

Karainagar, an islet in the Jaffna peninsula in Northern Sri Lanka, is today lively with human activity. It is all set to reap the benefits of prosperity brought about with the newly-dawned peace after the liberation of the Northern Province from the LTTE terrorist clutches. The islanders, whose livelihoods mainly dependent on thriving fishing industry, are jubilant at the better freedom they knowledge with the lifting of fishing limits which had remained imposed to curb LTTE fear performance that caused huge suffering to the nonviolent nation for nearly three decades.
Today, the residents of Karainagar are experiencing a greater sense of safety since the Sri Lanka Navy has taken all measures to ensure the protection of their lives and to facilitate their livelihoods. Through the completion of many people-friendly group of people projects, the Navy has been able to win the hearts and minds of the people. One such event, the Buddhist fair of Poson, which celebrates the arrival of Arahath Mahinda and subsequent spread of Buddhism in Sri Lanka, was held on the island last June under the auspices of the Navy, sketch large crowds belonging to diverse religious faiths. The event helped strengthen the mutual bonds promoting peaceful coexistence among all ethnic groups living on the island. The consequent cultural interaction, which was made likely with the mediation of the Naval personnel emotionally involved to the Karainagar Naval base, created a pleasant atmosphere for the people to enjoy their newly-gained freedom.
The Karainagar fishing community is grateful to the Government and the Navy for the lifting of the fishing restrictions. The measure aimed at reviving fishing developed was implemented beneath the direction of His Excellency the President. The visit of Senior Presidential Advisor Hon MP Basil Rajapaksa, under whose direct supervision and guidance the lifting of fishing restrictions is being facilitated, has spurred the people's admiration. The regular monthly meetings conducted by the Navy with the contribution of the Karainagar fishing community have been very much appreciated by the people since the face-to-face sessions have helped solve many issues directly related to their immediate happiness. Fishing permits are now delivered to their doorsteps minimizing the hassles involved in obtaining them. Priority for security permission at Naval checkpoints is accorded to the persons transporting fish catches thus expediting the reach of fresh fish in the markets in time.
With the rising levels of income resulted by the Navy's facilitation, the life standards of the people of Karainagar have been improved. Under the Navy's assistance the communications developments on the island have been expedited with better roads for speedy transportation. President Mr. K. Iraj Sandiram and Secretary Mr. M. Ganesh of the Karainagar Division Fishermen's Cooperative Society, sending a letter of appreciation on behalf of its members, have thankfully acknowledged the contributions of the Government and the Sri Lanka Navy in uniting the people and helping the development behavior on the island. They express their heart-felt approval at the physically powerful bond that exists between the Navy and the citizens of Karainagar and thank the Navy for its genuine efforts at improving the group of people relations and living circumstances on the island.

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