Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Jaffna re-settlement complete

All the displaced people in the Jaffna district have been re-settled and out of 272,751 inside displaced persons lived in welfare camps 144,846 were re-settled, paper over 15,000 persons are recurring from camps to their family villages, Northern region Governor Major General G.A Chandrasiri said.
These people have been re-settled in cleared areas free from landmines. Each family has been provided Rs 5,000 to purchase basic supplies
In adding to this, a bank deposit of Rs 45,000 has also been granted for each relations, he said. Every family has been provided roofing sheets, cement, squatting pans, kitchen utensils, clothes, foodstuff for one week and dry rations for one month.
Seven government and non-governmental agencies were engaged in clearance of ground mines. They have cleared over 529,943,309 square kilometres and the rest will be cleared as quickly as likely, he said.
Awareness programs on how to protect from land mines have too been launched in par with the re-settlement program.
Houses that had been completely destroyed will be provided Rs 325,000 on long word foundation
Families who are busy in agriculture will be provided two bushels of seed paddy per acre up to four acres along with manure free.
The government will also assist farmers in preparation of land, fencing and cultivation, he said.
Other seeds required by farmers will also be provided and over 20,500 kilos of seed paddy have been distributed among farmers in the North.
The government has set a target to farm 10,500 acres of paddy in the North in this season, he said.
Courtesy: Daily News

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