Wednesday, September 16, 2009

More intern doctors to be appointed for North and East

The Healthcare and Nutrition Ministry will appoint 900 intern hospital today, 16 Sep, to government hospitals charitable priority to the North and East.
According to ministry sources, 325 intern doctors will be posted to hospitals in North and East including welfare villages established to house IDPs in Vavuniya.
The Healthcare and Nutrition Ministry will appoint 900 post intern doctors to State hospitals today. It is further said that there are 81 government doctors and more than 30 nurses with other primary healthcare staff including public health midwives and PHIs serving for the IDPs.
Ministry sources further said that it has by now taken steps to add one more 200 nurses for IDP care shortly. The patient/doctor ratio and patient/nurse ratio, 76.65 and 108.5 in that order, of the IDP welfare villages are almost similar with the national information in the country.

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