Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Govt committed to war heroes' welfare - President

In the past attitude of society towards war heroes, members of the Armed Forces was not positive but today the Government is dedicated to their welfare as well as the happiness of their families and children, President Mahinda Rajapaksa said.
The President made this observation after opening the newly-built baths and the common amenities structure at the Defence College, Malay Street, Colombo 2 yesterday.
He said there were some people who had said it was easy for any trick to carry a gun and fight a war but it was the brave war heroes who liberated the state from bloody terrorists so that our brood could live freely and help build a united nation. Therefore, the Government is duty bound towards them.
Information Technology was obtainable in the past to less than five percent of our schoolchildren but today with the introduction of the Nenasala program to country areas IT information had reached to 32 percent of our schoolchildren.
"We have provided IT learning facility to 3,600 schools as I believe that we be supposed to empower our children from their very young days with IT skills," the President noted.
We are aware that the members of the Armed Forces or Police could not find the time to visit schools of their children due to their duties. Most of their time was dedicated for their duties though it was significant for parents to monitor the development of their children, the President said.
Education and education would be completed if there were sports education and other extra curricular activities in schools for children so that their atmosphere would be a total one.
It was equally important that children and parents were close to one another. Therefore, we are determined to build a society where such an ambiance exists," he said.

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