Monday, November 30, 2009

Free movement for civilians in welfare camps

Civilians who have taken shelters in welfare villages will be free to leave from day after today onwards sans any situation being imposed. The villages will be declared as unfasten from this day. There will be no restrictions compulsory on the duration of their absence from the villages, Minister of Resettlement and Disaster Relief Services, Risath Bathiyutheen said.
The Government has declared that any inhabitant will be free to leave the villages once they have given their individual particulars to the authorities concerned. A bulk of the displaced in the Welfare villages have by now been resettled.
More will be resettled this week. Minister Rishath Bathiuddin has said that as of December 1st, inmates will be able to freely leave and enter the villages on one occasion they have registered their details with the relevant authorities. Government has pledged to remove all the displaced in the wellbeing villages by January 31st. All civilians of the Vavuniyia welfare village from Jaffna Peninsula and Eastern region have already been resettled.
Courtesy: Government Information Department

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