Thursday, November 12, 2009

Govt relaxes transport along A-9 trunk road

The Government has decided to relax transport of goods and passenger transportation by A-9 Road, for the convenience of the public in Jaffna. According to media reports following choices were made facilitating transportation of people and merchandise from Jaffna and forth.
• There is no limit to transport goods to Jaffna and back as in the case of any other part of the state.
• The vehicles that are already registered with the Commissioner General of necessary Services (CGES) can engage in the transportation of goods. Registration of vehicles by CGES for transport of goods to Jaffna is extended till November 30, 2009.
• The vehicles belonging to Government Departments, Corporations, Banks and Manufacturing Companies, will be permitted to convey goods by their possess vehicles, for six months continually.
They are requested to present applications for CGES approval.
The community are permitted to travel to Jaffna and back by public convey and private busses which are now in operation.
Any private bus/coach owner who wishes to operate between Colombo and Jaffna, should apply to the National Transport charge for route permits.
confidential vessels are permitted to carry cargo to the North from any port of the country, subject to marine clearance and operational supplies of the Sri Lanka Ports Authority. Approval of the CGES is not required.

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