Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Become a fan of AdSense

To date, we've been sharing AdSense in order with you through this
blog, Twitter, the AdSense Help Center, and the AdSense Help Forum. You
also expressed your interest in Facebook by creating a figure of
AdSense groups, and we listened. We're pleased to announce that the
official AdSense Facebook Fan Page is now up and running! A one-stop
shop for up-to-date information, our Facebook Fan Page will be synched
with the blog and Twitter, and will house optimization photos and
videos that are currently establish on our YouTube channel. (If you're
new with Facebook, learn additional on Facebook's profile.)
The AdSense Facebook Fan Page will open up a new method of
communication between our team and our publishers. You'll be able to
react to poll questions and total surveys, helping our team improved
understand your needs so we can keep improving our products. You can
also find out about upcoming events under the 'Events' tab and look out
for posts about new AdSense features, webinars, and more on our wall.
Our team will be contributing to the page, so be sure to check the sheet
frequently for different opportunities to give us with your contribution and
learn more about AdSense.
To make this new page as useful as possible to all of our publishers,
we won't be responding via Facebook to questions regarding being
AdSense accounts. Please carry on to visit our Help Center and Help
Forum to troubleshoot your exact issues.
Sign up to become a fan, and start taking benefit of all of the
benefits our bureaucrat Facebook Fan Page has to offer.
Posted by Simone Davis - Inside AdSense Team

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