Monday, May 12, 2008

Wanni liberation continues; 15 terrorists killed in yesterday's clashes

Sri Lanka army soldiers engaged in counter terror operations in the Islands's terror gripped North yesterday (May 10) continued their onslaught at the terror defences in the Jaffna and Wanni theatres of operations.

In the Jaffna theatre, troops attacked terror bunkers on the Muhamalai front and claimed to have neutralised few of them. However, no confirmation on terror casualties has so far been obtained in any of these attacks.

Separately, a sniper deployed on the Nagarkovil front reported to have shot down one LTTE cadre detected approx 250m ahead of own defence line last morning.

In Wanni theatre, all three battlefronts, i.e. Vavuniya, Mannar and Welioya were fully engaged in daylong clashes with the terrorists.

On the Vavuniya front, troops attacked terrorists at three occasions and claimed to have killed 4 terrorists and wounded 3 others. At Vedamakilam, troops ambushed a group of terrorists in the morning hours and confirmed two terrorists were killed in this incident. At Palampiddi, troops clashed with the terrorist in two occasions, one in the morning and the other in the evening. Army Electronic Warfare (EW) cells confirmed 2 terrorists were killed and 3 others wounded in these incidents. No damages caused to the own troops.

Elsewhere, one soldier suffered serious injuries due to an anti personnel (AP) explosion while advancing in the Vairavarpuliyankulam area last afternoon.

On the Mannar warfront, troops continued their offensives in the Alankulama area throughout the day. However, no confirmation on terror casualties has been received so far. During these operations one soldier caught in a booby trap received injuries and evacuated to immediate medical attention.

Separately, troops attacked and destroyed an LTTE bunker defence using RCL weapons at Manthota last morning. Troops believed at least 2 terrorists were killed in these clashes.

A sniper deployed in the Karunkandal area reported to have gunned down an LTTE cadre on the same day evening.

On the Welioya warfront, troops had several clashes in the North of Janakapura and Kiriibaanwawa areas throughout the day.

EW cells confirmed 4 terrorists were killed and at least 5 others injured during the clashes occurred in the North of Janakapura area for the day. Also one body of a slain LTTE cadre and 14 hand grenades, one T-56 riffle, a silver compass were found during search operations. A soldier suffered injuries due to an AP mine explosion and directed to immediate medical care.

In the North of Kiriibbanwewa area, troops attacked and captured a trench line manned by LTTE terrorists last evening. EW cells confirmed one terrorist was killed and another injured in this incident. Separately, troops attacked a group of terrorists on the same evening and claimed 2 terrorists were either killed or wounded. Troops suffered no casualties in the incident.

Troops engaged in search operations in the area removed 256 AP mines, uncovered 18 hand grenades and 2 improvised bombs.

Limited offensives are continuing.

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