Saturday, May 31, 2008

Keith Vass steps down after repeated accusations for pro-LTTE behaviour

The controversial character Keith Vass, President and the Convener of the British Parliamentary Group for Tamil Solidarity, has resigned from his posts, sources from London revealed.

Mr. Vass's pro-LTTE behavior has been severely criticized by many local and foreign bodies over several months.

His participation at a ceremony to commemorate the LTTE leader's birthday in London created a tense situation in diplomatic circles since the LTTE has been listed as a terrorist organization by Britain. This act also drew the ire of Sri Lanka and led to strongly worded protests being lodged in London.

Later the British Parliamentary Group informed the Government of Sri Lanka Keith Vass had acted without the prior knowledge of the Parliamentary Group and apologized to President Mahinda Rajapaksa and the Sri Lankan Government regarding the incident.

It is reported that the person nominated to succeed Vass had refused to accept the post.

Analysts point out that while Keith Vass' resignation is a blow to pro-LTTE groups in the UK, it will be difficult to find a successor given the notoriety that has accrued to the Group for its now proven strong LTTE sympathies.

Courtesy : Government Information Department

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