Friday, May 23, 2008

Police probe into alleged assault on journalist

Sri Lanka police has deployed 3 special teams of police officers to investigate into the case in which a senior journalist has been beaten up by an unknown party last night (May 22). Police media spokesman Deputy Inspector General N.K. Ilangakoon speaking at a media briefing held at MCNS, Colombo, told that the police teams are presently conducting investigations in Colombo and its suburbs.

He said that the wife of Mr. Keith Noyahr had logged a complaint at the police station Dehiwala, around 11.30 pm that her husband had disappeared leaving his car in front his residence. The police had rushed to the location and commenced the investigations there onwards, he further said.

Speaking further he said that Mr. Noyahr, has returned home this morning with injuries to his head and he is undergoing treatments at Colombo National Hospital at present. The victim has not been able to make a statement on the incident due to his medical condition though the police had made an attempt, he added.

Questioned how the event had occurred, the police spokesperson said that the victim had been returning home after a dinner before being beaten up. However, no one is reported to have witnessed the scene, he further said.

Mr. Noyahr is a deputy editor of the Sri Lanka English weekly the Nation. The incident has been already exploited by anti Sri Lankan propagandists to attack defence establishments in the country. The controversial NGO, Free Media Movement was quick to speculate a connection between the incident and a defence establishment by stating that there is no other reason for the attack other than the victim being critical over the war and high ranking military officials. However, learns that no evidence has been found so far to prove such a tendentious allegation.

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