Monday, May 26, 2008

Three Tamil youth seek refuge from Navy

Fleeing from LTTE clutches, three Tamil youth, a married couple and their elder brother, sought the protection of the Navy at the Pallimunai Fishing Marshalling Point in Mannar on the 23rd May 2008 around 10.00 a.m.

They had fled Nachchikudah via Vedithaltivu in a fibre glass dinghy (FGD) fitted with a 9.9 Horse Power Out Board Motor (OBM).

The young couple, the husband aged 23 and the wife aged just 17, had been compelled by the circumstances to marry young. During the preliminary investigations, the elder brother had revealed that the only option they had was to give their consent to his sister's early marriage in order to protect her from being recruited by the LTTE. However, it did not work as they thought because LTTE cadres kept looking for the girl ignoring the fact that she was married and was four months pregnant. Thus, she had been living in hiding, like all other young girls of her age, in constant fear of being forcibly recruited by the terror outfit which is faced with a severe shortage of cadres, both male and female at present.

They were directed to the Representative of the Government Agent at the Civil Coordinating Office in Mannar for further action.

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