Thursday, May 15, 2008

LTTE conscripts children who failed O/Ls - Military spokesman

Military spokesman Brigadier Udaya Nanayakkara today revealed that the LTTE terrorist have started to conscript children in Mulaithiuvu and Kilinochchi districts who had failed in last GCE Ordinary Level examinations in 2007. Citing the military intelligence sources, he said that the terror outfit has banned all the children in the areas still under its domination from sitting the examination for the second time. He disclosed these facts speaking at the weekly media briefing held at the Media Centre for National Security (MCNS), Colombo this morning (May 14).

Speaking further he revealed that 358 civilians of non liberated Wanni had sought protection from the Security Forces since January 1, 2008. Also, he said terrorist numbering 368 had been killed and another 438 wounded in counter terror offensives conducted since May 1. Commenting on the security forces' deaths and casualty figures, he said 41 soldiers had been killed and another 155 have suffered injuries during these operations. Further, 17 civilians had been killed and 39 others wounded in terror attacks during this time, he added.

LTTE is a ruthless terror outfit that has been blacklisted under the UN list of shame for using children as armed combatants for years. The GCE (Ordinary Level ) examination is the first educational qualification that all Sri Lankan schoolchildren should acquire, if they are to follow higher education. Sri Lanka though a country that provides free education from kindergarten to the university for all, the people living under the jackboot of LTTE tyranny have been robbed of their opportunity to educate their children as the terror chief V. Prbhakaran has been using the Tamil children as cannon fodder for almost 3 decades

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