Thursday, May 1, 2008

STF foils LTTE infiltration attempt at Kebathigollawa; two terrorists killed

Sri Lanka police Special Task Force (STF) personnel foiled an LTTE attempt to infiltrate the Kabethigollawa area this morning (May 1). Two terrorists and two police commandos were killed in this incident.

According to the defence sources, the police commandos were targeted in a claymore attack around 6.45 am while engaged in a routine route clearing patrol, along the newly established forward defence in Dutuwawa. The two STF personnel were killed due to the explosion.

The STF personnel retaliated immediately, killing two LTTE cadres. One T-56 riffle has been found during the subsequent search, the sources said.

Following the successful accomplishment of its mission in the East, the STF was redeployed in the Wanni theatre, particularly to provide security for the civilian villages endangered by terrorist attacks. LTTE terrorists have killed thousands of innocent civilians living in Kebathigollawa, Dutuwawa, Yakawawa, and other villages in number of village massacres, bus bombs, claymore bombs and mass executions during its 3 decades of terrorist campaign against Sri Lankan citizens.

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