Monday, May 12, 2008

4 terrorists killed, 4 wounded in Welioya front

Security forces personnel who are continuing their offensive march to liberate Wanni, inflicted heavy damages to the enemy in the clashes occurred yesterday, May 11.

In a confrontation took place in general area north of Janakapura, by intercepting terror transmission, it is learnt that 2 LTTE cadres were killed. One soldier was killed during this confrontation, sources further said. Another soldier has suffered injuries due to a separate confrontation took place around 4.30 pm in the same area.

Meanwhile, troops have confronted with a group of LTTE terrorists in the same area last afternoon. One terrorist was either killed or wounded due to security forces retaliation. One T-56 weapon was also found in a subsequent search operation.

Eight more terrorists were either killed or wounded while an army soldier was killed due to three separate confrontations occurred in the same area.

Meanwhile, six confrontations were reported from general area Kiriibbanwewa. Two terrorists were killed while 4 others suffered injuries in these confrontations. Eight terrorists reported either killed or wounded, sources further said. One slain body of an LTTE cadre was found with a T-56 weapon and an I-Com set

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