Saturday, May 31, 2008

21 terrorists killed , 11 wounded in yesterday's clashes in North

Finalized military reports received form the warfronts in the North for yesterday (May 29) indicate that 21 terrorists were killed and 11 others wounded in counter terrorist operations conducted in the Jaffna and the Wanni theaters of battle. Further, 15 others were reportedly killed or suffered serious injuries, according to the reports.

In the Jaffna theatre of battle, troops confronted with the terrorists in the Elathumadduwal area last morning. A soldier suffered injuries in this confrontation. No details on terror casualties were available. Meanwhile, another soldier suffered injuries due to an anti personal (AP) mine explosion earlier on the same day morning.

In addition, army and navy repulsed a pre-dawn terror attack at the Chiranththivu islet located along the Jaffna - Mandathivu causeway. A soldier was killed, and two others were injured while a soldier and two sailors reported missing in this incident. Ground troops claimed that at least 15 terrorist were killed in the retaliatory fire. Following the attack the terrorist, engaged heavy artillery at civilian dwellings in the populated Kolombuthurai, Gurunagar and Pasiuura areas. 6 civilians including 2 children were killed and 20 others including a pregnant woman suffered injuries.

Elsewhere, suspected LTTE assassins gunned down a civilian at Kallikai in the Nelliady area. Police probes in to the incident.

Troops made significant gains in Wanni theatre of battle as multi front attacks on the terror defences were continued throughout the day.

On the Vavuniya front, troops confronted with the terrorist in the Periyamadhukulam, Muppankulam, and Palaimoddai areas during the daytime and claimed to have killed 4 terrorists and wounded 8 others. Also, 3 soldiers suffered injuries due to small arms fire in the confrontation that took place at Muppankulam. A soldier suffered injuries due to an AP mine explosion that took place in the Periyamadhu area last evening. Meanwhile, troops engaged in clearing operations in the Mundimurippu area removed 18 AP mines during the day.

On the Mannar front, troops raided an LTTE strong point located in Andankulama area last morning. Troops claimed that at least 6 terrorists were either killed or wounded while two soldiers also suffered injuries in this incident.

The major thrust of the on-going counter terror operation continued to remain on the Welioya front, as troops captured LTTE's main logistic base known as " Munnagam Base" located 6 Km North of Janakapura last evening. According to the defence sources, the base that provided the lifeline to the terrorists operating in the forward positions is consisted of 3 permanent buildings, 3 fortified command bunkers, and observation turrets. In addition, the base half-square acre in size has a large kitchen facility, and a storage room and an underground trench system linking each other. The sources further said that the camp was provided with electricity by a generator and facilitated with the water supply with two water towers and a well.

Separately , troops captured another fortified terror location with 7 bunkers and trenches located in the North of Janakapura area on the same day evening. During the subsequent search, troops found one T-81 riffle along with 7 magazines, 500 ammo used for the same weapon, 28 hand grenades, and other military gear.

Separately, in series of clashes occurred in the North of Kiriibbanwewa and North of Janakapura areas with in the course of the day , 2 terrorist reportedly killed and 3 others wounded. In addition, 9 others were either killed or wounded, according to the ground sources. Troops suffered no casualties in the Welioya front for the day.

Meanwhile, troops engaged in clearing operations in area removed 53 AP mines, 4 booby traps, 3 improvised bombs during the day.

Limited offensives are being continued.

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