Sunday, August 30, 2009

Northern PC Headquarters in Mankulam

The Northern Provincial Council Headquarters will be situated at Mankulam at a cost of Rs.900 million.
Cabinet accepted this proposal by Local administration and Provincial Councils Minister Janaka Bandara Tennekoon this week to go on with this necessity.
The required money would be owed under the budgetary vote for 2010 when the after that budget is obtainable to parliament.
Another allocation of Rs.625 million is required under the budgetary allocation for next year of the ministry for the rebuilding of fully or partially damaged Local power buildings in the Northern Province.
Many of those building were damaged by the LTTE during the three decade old war and it forcibly used some of these buildings for terrorist activity.
The location of the Northern Provincial Council Headquarters in Mankulam will help to control affairs and operate smoothly with no delay.
Courtesy : Government Information Department

After Independence : Unprecedented development in the North

As peace returned to the once war torn Northern theatre, the populace of the North today witness growth projects in their areas,hitherto never ever witnessed as independence, Political Observers disclosed.
The government of President Mahinda Rajapaksa, through the idea of 'Uthuru Wasanthaya" (Northern Spring),spearheaded by by the Chairman of the Northern Task Force,Senior Presidential Adviser,Basil Rajapaksa,MP, has launched an extensive development effort in the North cover every aspect close to the needs of those people.
Intellects from the Jaffna peninsula have stated that no government in the past since independence have focussed notice on the North as done today by the government of President Mahinda Rajapaksa."Its' huge task the President and his administration has embarked upon but that was the need during the past six decades of independence", they have claimed to a group of self-governing observers who toured the Northern front recently.
The ignorance to speak to the needs of the northern people by many preceding governments, the Jaffna people claim led to uprisings that finally ended in terrorism."We are grateful to the President and his administration for crushing the LTTE which continued terrorist acts despite attempts by the government to discuss peace moves", a senior citizen from Jaffna who have had his two sons killed by the LTTE had disclosed to a news agency in South East Asia.
The 'Uthuru Wasanthaya' programme launched by the government has embarked upon all needs of the Jaffna people cover the basic needs of their lawful aspirations, the residents said.
Educationists in Jaffna have welcomed the events taken by Colombo to upgrade schools and give all facilities to students."We need to build an educated Tamil generation after thirty years of war that took our bright children absent as a result of LTTE terrorism", a senior educationist told from his home in Chundikuli,Jaffna.His wife is a retired teacher from the Chundikuli Girls' School, a well respected educational organization in the peninsula.
This week the farming community in Jaffna from the agriculture were jubilant over the efforts by the administration to help them restart cultivation that was affected by LTTE terrorism for over two decades. older Presidential Adviser, Basil Rajapaksa there on that occassion assured the farming community that all possible facilities would be given to them to embark upon a winning agricultural journey.
With electricity being restored to normalcy, the physical condition facilities in all hospitals have been widened to ensure better armed forces to the patients both outdoor and indoor.
The fishing industry has complete great success after the lifting of restrictions on fishing in June this year.The fish production has doubled and plans are happening to to bring the surplus to Colombo.
Life in Jaffna is back to usual with an effective traveler rail and bus transport service catering to the public from dawn to dusk.
Courtesy : Government Information Department

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Getting the most revenue from every impression through AdSense

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AdSense launched in Lithuanian, Ukrainian, and Latvian

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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Inside the science of contextual matching

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Default font faces to be updated

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

North American publishers: Participate in AdSense email inte...

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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Desert Cups Cricket Academy donates our war heroes

The Desert Cups Cricket school in Shajah United Arab Emirates (UAE) made a donation showing gratitude on war heroes made sacrifices for defensive the motherland on 10th August 2009.
Coach of the Cricket Academy, Mr Presley Polonnowita, team members and their parents have made their payment for the donation.
The donation including10 Air mattresses and 25 control were handed over to conflict heroes in the presence of the president of Defence Ministry's Seva Vanitha Unit (SVU) Mrs Ioma Rajapaksa in a charm function held at the Defence Ministry's hall.
Major General Shavendra De Silva, Director Operation of Sri Lanka Army, Brig. K P Sumanapala, Commanding Officer of Sri Lanka military hospital and members of Defence Ministry's SVU also participated at the time

Former Commander General Seneviratne Passes Away

General G.D.G.N. Seneviratne VSV, former Commander of the Army passed not present this sunrise (12), the Army head office announced.
General Seneviratne who commanded Sri Lanka military from 12th February 1985 to 15th August 1988 was the 10th leader of the Army.
Courtesy: SL Army

Nearly 170 ex-Tiger child soldiers sit ALs

Nearly 170 former LTTE youngster soldiers sat the GCE Advanced Level in Vavuniya yesterday as a result of the Government's caring operations to free the North and East populace from the control of LTTE terrorism, Examinations Department sources said. The Advanced Level Examination 2009 commenced in 1,827 test centres yesterday.
The Examinations Department has established 10 particular examination centres in Vavuniya for 1,263 displaced candidates who are currently housed in IDP welfare villages in Vavuniya. Sources said 166 ex-child military from displaced camps sat the Advanced Level examination yesterday.
Under the way of the Education Ministry, the Examinations Department had taken ladder to conduct more than a few extra classes to upgrade the information of the students session the Advanced Level Examination this year.
Meanwhile, no incidents were reported during the G.C.E. Advanced Level Examination which began yesterday at 1,827 examination centres all through the state, Examinations official General Anura Edirisinghe said.
The examination will carry on until September 5 and will not be held on Sundays. A sum of 242,091 school and confidential candidates are session the examination this year. "Candidates are severely advised to obey and follow examination system so as to ensure a trouble free examination process. Candidates have to produce their nationwide Identity Cards or an accepted identity such as a valid identification to establish their identity.
"However candidates who fail to do so will be permissible to sit the examination, but their results will be issued only after they establish their identity. The Examinations Department will take strict action next to candidates who flout examination rules," the Commissioner said.
The Examinations section has taken steps to ensure the smooth behavior of the examination. Accordingly, around 300 educationalists will assess the examination process.
In addition, the examination is monitored through 267 Examination Coordinating Centres. Around 70,000 teachers and officials are involved in conducting the test as invigilators at the examination centres.
Courtesy: Daily News

Military items recovered in Batticaloa and Mullaittivu

During a search operation conducted by Sri Lanka army 232 Brigade recovered next armed items in Ilukkuweddai yesterday 11.
Items Quantity
Shot guns 04
Shot gun Ammo 04
82/2 Hand Grenades 02
231 Brigade recovered 1 x Hand Grenade and 2Kg of Explosives in General area Kahawattamunai on the same day.
Meanwhile Police particular Task Force Troops recovered 113 x 120 Motor Bombs throughout a search procedure conducted in General area Tharavikulama and also in General region Alanchipothana Village Police recovered 1x T- 56 Weapon yesterday (11).
In Mullaittvu General area Puthukudiyiruppu Special Force Troops recovered 3x T- 56 Mark 1 Weapon and 2x T-56 Mark 11 weapons. Meanwhile job Force 3 Troops recovered 1x 81 mm Mortar Bomb in General area Ampakamam , Task Force 5 Troops recovered 1042 x 7.62x 39 mm Ammo and 9x SFG 82 Hand Grenades in General area Kalavankulam and Task Force 2 troops healthier 1x Pencil Shooter and 110 x .22 Ammo in General area Puthukudiyiruppu.
Troops of Task power 8 also recovered following war like matter in General area Sugandhipuram and Puthukudiyiruppu West.
Items Quantity
Boat Engines 04
60 mm Mortar Bomb Chargers 16
7.62x39 mm Ammo 69
MPMG Links 04
Hand Grenades 04
RPG Bomb 01
81 mm Mortar Bombs 02
7.62 X 51 MM AMMO 976
in the meantime the Task Force 8 Troops recovered following in universal area in Puthukudiyiruppu East yesterday August (11).
Items Quantity
1100 Mobile Phones 07
1100 Phone Batteries 06
7.62 x 39 mm Ammo Boxes 06
RPG Bombs 03
National IDs 29
ID of TELO Organization 1
Code Sheet File 1
Mobile Phone Antenna 1
Mobile Receiver 1
T-56 Weapon 05
T- 56 Magazines 12
TV Antenna 1
7.62 x 54Ammo 275
0.30 Ammo 500
7.62x 51 Ammo 976
60 mm Mortar Bomb 15
81 mm Mortar Bomb 6
Pistols 5
Pistol Magazines 5
I Com Radio Sets 3
I Com Chargers 1

More buses for Jaffna, Point Pedro and Karainagar depots

The Government has taken necessary actions to get bigger transport facilities for public of the Northern Province. Accordingly, Buses and spare parts were provided for the depots in Jaffna, Point Pedro and Karainagar lately.
"We are thankful to the Government for increasing the convey facilities in the Northern province and it would be a great help for the people who live in these areas and it will make their day-to-day life easy," Sri Lanka Transport Board Northern region Chief Manager, Ganesh Pullai said.
"Since, there are many growth projects that have been in progress in these areas we can expect a main economic and cultural growth there in the near future" he further said participating at a event at the Sri Lanka Transport Board skull place of work to provide buses and spare parts for three depots in the Northern province.
Road traveler Transport Minister, Lasantha Alagiyawanna and Sri Lanka convey Board Chairman Dhammika Hewapathirana also attended the event.

NCC Girls' Annual Assessment camp held at Rantembe

The National Cadet Corps (NCC) Girls' Annual appraisal camp was held lately at NCC training Center at Rantembe.
The chief visitor of the Passing out procession was president of Defence Ministry's Seva Vanitha Unit (SVU) Mrs. Ioma Rajapaksa.
Director of NCC Maj. General Gamini Jayasundara RWP, RSP and many senior officers of NCC contributed at the time. Chairperson of NCC Seva Vanitha Branch Mrs. Priyanthi Jayasundera and parents of school cadets also attended at the event.
The cadet squad of the Ratnawalee Balika Maha Vidyalaya, Gampaha, won the first Place in the Girls' Annual assessment camp held 19th-26th July.

Special bus, train services for Madhu pilgrims

The Transport Ministry has introduced special bus and train armed forces to cater to pilgrims visiting the Sacred Madhu Church for the yearly feast this season.
The services launched on the plan of Ministers Dullas Alahapperuma and Lasantha Alagiyawanna under the co-ordination of Aviation Deputy Minister Sarath Kumara Gunaratne will start with trains from Colombo Fort to Medawachchiya and rear from today. The Colombo-
Medawachchiya trains will operate daily till August 15, a press release by the Government Information part said. The release said separately from this, there will be a straight train from Matara to Medawachchiya and back daily. From August 14, train services will also function from Negombo to Medawachchiya and back. The Negombo CTB depot has also planned a particular tour service for Madhu pilgrims from August 13.
Each tour including two nights will cost Rs. 37,000 while three nights will cost Rs. 42,000. Each bus can house 42 passengers comfortably.
Courtesy: Daily News

Madhu church access road opens on Aug 14

The access road to the Madhu Shrine which was liberated from the LTTE terrorists after 30 years will be commissioned on August 14 on orders of leader Mahinda Rajapaksa.
The annual Madhu Church festival will be held on August 14 and 15, for the first time after eliminating totally terrorism in the North. Therefore, this chance would advantage thousands of pilgrims attendance the feast from a variety of parts of the country, a Spokesman from the Highways and Road Development Ministry told the Daily News.
The construction work on the main road heading to the holy Shrine has already been completed as an a accelerated project by the Government at a cost of Rs.132 million.
Accordingly, the make bigger of road from Puliyadirakkam to Madhu Shrine (11km) on the Medawachchiya-Mannar-Thalaimannar main road ( A14) has been broaden upto six meters.
In addition to the main right of entry road to the Madhu Shrine, three by-roads including the march road (0.85km),interior road (3km) and circular road (4km) within and approximately the Madhu Shrine had also been reconstructed under the management of the Highways and Road Development Ministry and Road Development Authority, he said.
The renovation had been carried out by five restricted contractors.
The Government will rebuild the roads within the region of Madhu Shrine previous to the pilgrimage begins.
Courtesy: Daily News

Gajashakthi Security Services donate 1.3 Million to "Api Wenuwen Api" fund

The board of directors and staff of the Gajashakthi Security armed forces (Pvt) Ltd have donated their one day salary for the "Api Wenuwen Api" accommodation finance on 10th August.
Accordingly, sum of 1,337,500.00 rupees donated to the housing fund as to showing their thanks on war heroes made their sacrifices to save the motherland defeating the LTTE, the world's most ruthless terrorist association.
The gift was officially handed over to Secretary Defence Mr. Gotabaya Rajapaksa by Chief decision-making official of Gajashakthi Security Services (Pvt) Ltd Brigadier (Retd) Tissa Thilakerathna in a purpose held at the Defence Ministry structure.
Manager (Operations) of the corporation Major (Retd) Kushan Silva and on behalf of the employees Mr. S.S Wijesuriya also attended the time.

All countries must join against terrorism - President

All countries must join against terrorism - President
"Terrorism is not only a problem for Sri Lanka. It is also a complexity for the whole world. All these countries that have been rivalry and talking against violence must get together and put a stop to this menace", said President Mahinda Rajapaksa in an meeting with News X India.
Kumaran Pathmanathan alias KP's arrest last week was very significant for Sri Lanka because he was the person who claims to be the new head of the LTTE after the bereavement of V. Prabhakaran, the President said.
He said the International group of people must now help Sri Lanka to crack downward on the global financing arm of the LTTE, and that the LTTE was still very active in some countries, chiefly in South-East Asian and European countries. In his interview President Rajapaksa reiterated his promise to democracy and said that the answer to the national question in Sri Lanka should be a home grown one and not one that was based on suggestions from other countries. It should be a answer which can be agreed by all communities.
"Devolution can be done. We have that in our organization. We want to bring in a new chamber to share power with the minorities and the provinces. Federalism completely is out in Sri Lanka", he said.
At the instant the proposal of a second chamber has not yet been discussed and there were proposals about it, he further said.
He said the Government was charitable the uppermost main concern to resettle IDPs, and reiterated its assure to settle rthem in 180 days. In the 180-day programme for resettlement, the priority is de-mining.
President Rajapaksa stressed that infrastructure facilities should be recognized to let the IDPs to be resettled with opportunities for a good livelihood.
Courtesy:Presidential Media Unit

Police apprehends bomb vehicle - Mannar

An volatile laden van prepared for a suicide task was apprehended by the rule enforcement this dawn, 11 August, along with 20 claymore mines at Mannar.
The claymore mines had by now been fixed to the vehicle (Hiace van) when it was apprehended in universal area Uppukulam, Mannar, sources added.
Three suspects have already been taken into care and handed over to the Colombo Crime separation (CCD) for further interrogations. According to Plice sources, two suspects are residences of Mt'Lavinia while the other is from Mannar.

Vietnamese delegation meets Secretary Defence

A special Vietnam share headed by Deputy Minister of overseas affairs of Vietnam, His Excellency Mr Dao Viet Trung, met desk Defence Mr Gotabaya Rajapaksa at the Defence Ministry this evening, 11 August.
Vietnam diplomat to Sri Lanka His Excellency Mr Vu Quang Diem, Deputy manager General of Vietnam Foreign Ministry Mr Pham Hung Tam and an bureaucrat of Vietnam Foreign Ministry too participated at the time.

Ex-employees of Mobitel make financial donation for "Api Wenuwen Api" fund

Ex-employees of Sri Lanka Telecom Mobitel Pvt Ltd, presently working in Abu Dhabi, have complete a donation for the "Api Wenuwen Api" housing fund as showing their thanks on war heroes sacrificed life and limbs for doubtful the motherland.
Six ex-employees of the Mobitel have made their contribution for the gift worth of 125,000.00 rupees and it was officially handed over to Secretary Defence Mr Gotabaya Rajapaksa in a purpose held at the Secretary's office this afternoon, 11 August.
Mr Aruna Kumarasinghe, one of the six donors, made his payment for the anywhere to live fund donating 101,000.00 rupees.
Chairperson of the Sri Lanka Telecom Mobitel Mrs Leisha De Silva Chandrasena also attended at the time.

Mobitel M-Club contributes for welfare projects

Members of the M-Club of Sri Lanka Telecom Mobitel Pvt Ltd made a monetary donation for the welfare projects initiated by the Defence Ministry's Seva Vanitha Unit (SVU) today, 11 August.
Sum of 355,000.00 rupees handed over to chairperson of the Defence Minsitry's Seva Vanitha Unit, Mrs Ioma Rajapaksa, in a attraction reason held at the Defence Secretary's Office.
Defence Ministry's SVU has initiated many projects to strengthen the livelihood of the relations members of fallen conflict heroes as well as disabled war heroes.
Chairperson of the Sri Lanka Telecom Mobitel Mrs Leisha De Silva Chandrasena too attended at the time.

1,263 IDP candidates to sit exam

The GCE Advanced Level Examination starts today with 242,091 candidates sitting the examination. The GCE A/L test will be held until September 5.
Among candidates are 198,755 school candidates and 43,336 confidential candidates session at 1,827 examination centres throughout the island.
Among these would be 1,263 candidates from inside Displaced People's villages in Vavuniya sitting at 10 examination centres, a older official of the Examinations section told the Daily News yesterday.
Courtesy : Daily News

More LTTE military items uncovered - Mullaittivu

Sri Lanka Army uncovered more LTTE military items in payment operations conducted in Mullattivu area yesterday, 10 August, military account said.
Troops of Task Force 8 (TF-8) deployed in Puthukkudiyiruppu east uncovered next list of LTTE military hardware, military account received from the battlefront said.
Item Quantity
Micro Pistol 02
T 56 weapon 04
AP Mines 12
Anti Air Craft Gun 02
Paddle Gun Barrel 01
Liquid Chemical Cans (25L) 04
Liquid Chemical Cans (4L) 06
Oxygen Cylinders 30
T-56 Ammunition Boxes 59
100mm Rounds 18
Copper Cable Rolls 41
Ammunition (suspected to be Pistol Rounds) 120
I-Com Radio Sets 03
Military Books (in Tamil language) 17

Same troops uncovered an unidentified bomb and one 81mm mortar surrounding in a clearing operation conducted in Puthukkudiyiruppu west while 38 x Anti-personnel mines, 02 x 120mm mortar rounds and 6 x 81mm mortar rounds were exposed from general area Sugandhipuram on the same day, military report added.
Separately, troops of Commando group exposed a Micro pistol, the report additional said.

Northern Province official website,, re-launched

The official website for the Northern region,, was re-launched yesterday (10 August) by director of the Northern Province, Major General G.A. Chandrasiri.
The website which is to be frequently updated contains information of the enlargement behavior happening in all the five districts, Mannar, Kilinochchi, Mulltativu, Vavuniya and Jaffna.
The website can be described as a complete source catering to the rising be adamant for information about the region, particularly as the Government has prioritized the development of the area with the dawning of calm after a lapse of three decades.
The website was designed and developed by the 'Center for Information and Technology' of the Northern local committee and will also give details of the region's likely as a tourist destination.
Chief desk of the Northern Provincial committee Mr A.Sivaswamy, Acting Chief Secretary (Planning) Mr T. Vishvanathan, officials of the Governor's office and the staff of the Center of in order Technology were there at the launching rite.

Program to issue identity documents to IDPs

The Constitutional Affairs and National Integration Ministry in collaboration with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) has implemented a program to issue legal documents including National Identity Cards (NIC) to the IDPs in the welfare villages of Vavuniya.

Constitutional Affairs and National Integration Ministry Secretary M.S.Wickremesinghe addresses the media briefing on the Equal Access to Justice (A2J) project-Phase 2 held at Galle Face Hotel, Colombo yesterday. Assistant Resident Representative (Program) UNDP Zoe Keeler, Justice and Law Reforms Ministry Additional Secretary Kamalini de Silva and National Project Coordinator of the Equal Access to Justice Project Sharmeela Rassool are also in the picture. Picture by Sudath Nishantha
Under the UNDP Equal Access to Justice (A2J) project implemented, birth, wedding and death certificates and other legal documents will be issued to IDPs who have lost these vital documents amidst the conflict, left them behind while fleeing to the safety of the Security armed forces or never possessed such documents, legitimate Affairs and National Integration Ministry desk Ms. M.S.Wickremesinghe told a media meeting held at Galle Face Hotel, Colombo yesterday. The first movable documentation agenda to issue legal ID to IDPs in Vavuniya was held at the Kadirgamar Nagar Welfare Village on July 1, 2 and 3, she said.
" Nearly 2,050 applications for birth, death and marriage certificates and 1,553 applications for NICs were received from over 3,500 IDPs who participated in the primary program. Photographs were also issued to 2,200 IDPs, including 300 schoolchildren, for the purpose of obtaining NICs. In addition, 578 Police information were issued for loss of NICs," she said.
A2J National scheme Coordinator Ms.Sharmeela Rassool said a field place of work has been recognized by the Registrar General's Department at the Kadirgamar Nagar Welfare Village to ensure simple access for the IDPs to the armed forces provided by the Department.
She said A2J project has carried out a number of similar certification programs for IDPs as well as non-IDPs in the Eastern Province, facilitating the resettlement behavior and effective reintegration to the community by supplementary the IDPs to exercise their basic public rights. UNDP Assistant Resident Representative (Program) Zoe Keeler and fairness and Law Reforms Ministry Additional Secretary Kamalini de Silva were too present.
Courtesy : Daily News

U.S. Government supports early return of displaced persons with another $15 million in emergency food aid

The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) has announced a new gift of $15 million (Rs. 1.724 billion) of food aid to support the early return of people displaced by the disagreement in the North. Consisting of wheat, lentils and vegetable oil, USAID's second shipment of vital foodstuff aid this year will be consigned to the United Nations World Food Program (WFP) and will fulfill the necessary food needs of 300,000 people for four months.
With this latest donation, USAID, the development agency of the U.S. Government, has provided nearly $59 million (Rs 6.78 billion) of food aid in 2008 and 2009. Recognizing the U.S. Government's important support to assist displaced populace, in July, the Hon. Basil Rajapaksa, M.P. and Special Advisor to the leader, received a symbolic handing over of crisis food aid from U.S. Charg‚ d'Affaires James R. Moore and USAID Mission Director Rebecca Cohn.
"USAID supports WFP and the Government of Sri Lanka in their efforts to provide essential food aid to Sri Lankans who have been displaced by the conflict," stated USAID Mission Director Rebecca Cohn. "Our food donation will hold up the Government of Sri Lanka's promise to return displaced citizens to their homes quickly and safely. As part of this support, our food will be used for the six-month ration that people take delivery of once they go back to their homes. In addition, our food may be used for short-term, food-for-work behavior to help the most vulnerable of these people resume their livelihoods," she continued.
Coordinating with the Government of Sri Lanka and operational with non-governmental partners, WFP distributes food aid from USAID and other donors to people in provisional IDP camps and provides a six-month share when IDPs return home. v"This very generous donation from the United States comes at a critical juncture," said Adnan Khan, WFP Country Representative. "It will allow WFP to carry on providing much-needed food and nutritional support to the IDP population and add to their food security. We are very grateful to the United States, WFP's largest donor, for this latest payment, which reaffirms a commitment to partnering with the Government of Sri Lanka and to the humanitarian collection of people in peace building and rebuilding efforts."
The American people, through the U.S. Agency for International Development, have provided development and caring help in developing countries worldwide for almost 50 years. Since 1956, USAID/Sri Lanka has invested nearly $2 billion to benefit all the people of Sri Lanka.

Special meeting between CDS and Japanese Ambassador

A special gathering was held flanked by Chief of Defence staff General P.S.C Fonseka and HE Punyo Takahashi the Japanese Ambassador today(10) at the leader of Defence staff office.
They had deliberations about the present safety state of relationships in Sri Lanka and Chief of Defence staff worldwide Fonseka described the there safety condition to HE Punyo Takahashi. Afterwards they exchanged a plaque in honour of the occasion

Courtesy : MCNS

Navy to delist deserters

The Sri Lanka Navy has obtained endorsement of the Defence Ministry to de-list Navy deserters without subjecting them to sentence as of Navy court.
Accordingly, all Navy deserters who left repair on or before May 31, 2009 will be de-listed without punishment.
They are requested to account at the adjacent Navy site with their National and Navy independence Cards between August 10, 2009 and September 10, 2009 for de-listment.

New hope for war orphans

The Siriliya Foundation, which accommodates 63 orphans at Vavuniya is rapidly moving ahead. First Lady Shiranthi Rajapaksa inaugurated this welfare centre to look following the deprived children who lost their parents during the disagreement.
Following her initiative, senior DIG - Northern Province Nimal Leuke with help of Vavuniya Government Agent Charles have managed to get admittance to school for 55 students to continue their education.
An international instruct in Vavuniya has come forward to house the montessori brood They are housed in a at ease building in the Vavuniya town. S/DIG Leuke and his staff repeatedly visit this orphanage to oversee and to find out their needs.
A computer training unit with eight computers donated by Sanjeewa Wickramanayake is being step to educate the brood in computer studies.
The Vavuniya Police Welfare Unit jointly with Vocational Training Centres is making arrangements to give job training to those in excess of 18 years.
Courtesy : Daily News

Rear Admiral Martin Alabaster calls on the Commander of the Navy

Commandant, Britannia Royal Naval College, Dartmouth in 2007 Rear Admiral Martin Alabaster MA,MSc,C Eng,FIET called on the Commander of the Sri Lanka Navy Vice Admiral Thisara Samarasinghe at the Naval skull Quarters yesterday (Aug 9).
Rear Admiral Martin Alabaster is on a secret holiday in Sri Lanka with his relations. He is now the Flag official Scotland, Northern England and Wales & Northern Ireland- Flag Officer treasury.
According to Naval sources, by the way Rear Admiral Martin Alabaster is as of the for children lot of the Commander of the Navy at Dartmouth as of 1976/77.

Admiring the painting of Dartmouth at the Commander of the Navy's office Commander of the Navy and Rear Admiral Martin Alabaster at discussion
Courtesy : Navy Media

Security forces continue clearing operations - Mullaittivu

Security forces continuing with clearing operations at Mullaittivu have exposed more military hardware concealed by LTTE terrorists. According to finalized military information, Task Force -8(TF-8), troops have exposed a large tow LTTE arms East of Puthukudiyirippu, yesterday Aug 9).
Items Description Quantity
T- 97 Mgazines 20
Electrical detonators 350
9 MM pistol rounds 1000
0.45 ACP pistol rounds 550
Suicide jackets 02
0.22 weapon 01
T- 56 assault riffles 06
C-90 weapon 01
Thermoberic empty case 01
T-81 assault riffle 01
Thermoberic weapon 01
Arul Bombs 10
Claymore mines 02
Range finders 13
I-com base stations 02
Yaesu HF base station 01

Meanwhile, next list of items were also uncovered by the troops in a similar payment process conducted West of Puthukkudiyirippu.
Items Description Quantity
T- 56 assault riffles with magazines 02
81 MM mortar trappings 04
RPG rounds 04
Hand grenade 01
82mm mortar rounds 02
12.7mm mortar rounds 48
Also, troops uncovered 47 anti-personnel (AP) mines in universal region Sugandhipuram. Meanwhile, following list military hardware were establish in general area Kappulankulama.
Items Description Quantity
T-56 assault riffles 03
Gas Tubes 25
MPMG link 80

Polls results: Victory of policies to stabilize democracy - President

"The ability to hold elections no sooner violence was defeated and thus providing the opportunity for self-governing expression to the people of Vavuniya and Jaffna, is also seen as a victory of our policies to steady democracy", said H.E the President Mahinda Rajapaksa today (Aug 9).
He made this comment in a communique‚ issued on the outstanding conquest achieved by the United People's Freedom Alliance (UPFA) in the elections held yesterday(Aug 8) to the Uva Provincial committee and the Jaffna Municipal Council. "It is seen by me as a victory for all who love our motherland" President Rajapaksa further asserted.
Full text of the President's communiqu` released.
The outstanding victory achieved by the United People's Freedom Alliance (UPFA) in the elections held yesterday to the Uva Provincial committee and the Jaffna Municipal Council is seen by me as a conquest for all who love our motherland.
In a situation where democratic expression had been denied for three decades by the forces of terror, the ability to hold elections no sooner terrorism was beaten and thus providing the opportunity for democratic expression to the people of Vavuniya and Jaffna, is also seen as a victory of our policies to stabilize democracy.
I am humble in expressing approval at the repeated endorsement by my people of the policies of the Mahinda Chinthana through these electoral victories.
My administration and I attach the highest significance to our country and its people. This renewed mandate by the people helps expedite and gives added strength and bravery to our efforts to protect the state and bring a new awakening to the lives of our people.
I am especially grateful to the people of Uva who brought us the most outstanding consequence in the history of Provincial Council elections. Similarly, I state my gratitude to the people of Uva, Jaffna and
Vavuniya for the positive and sympathetic response they have given to my call to stand as a nation with dignity, under a single standard.
To political parties and their members who have not yet come to this viewpoint, I make this another chance to invite them to stand together under a single flag of unity.
I also take this opportunity to thank the Commissioner General of Elections, his staff, all public servants, the security forces and all those who assisted in the conduct of nonviolent free and fair elections.
Mahinda Rajapaksa
August 09, 2009

LTTE network shattered forever - Defence Secretary

"The arrest of LTTE mastermind Kumaran Pathmanathan alias KP has let down completely the potential of LTTE raising its ugly head again" Defence Secretary Mr. Rajapaksa was quoted as saying throughout an interview with the Sunday Observer commenting on the arrest of the LTTE arms dealer.
According to Secretary Defence, the arrest was a result of hard work done for almost two months with the help of several countries. With his arrest any option of the now defunct terror group regrouping again has been thwarted, Mr. Rajapaksa was quoted as saying. According to Secretary Defence every feature was carefully monitored to take this 'prize catch'.
"Pathmanathan was busy reestablishing the LTTE. He even went to the degree of forming a `transnational' government. However, the timely and the punctual act made the take into custody of KP imminent devastating all his prospect plans," Mr Rajapaksa said.
Commenting further on the take into care he said "Several countries rendered their support in arresting K. P. Therefore, the hold up of those countries was commendable. The perfect international relations members established by President Mahinda Rajapaksa played an significant role in apprehending the LTTE `strong man".
"It is vital at this point in time to protect the details and other information between to countries and the officials who had played their fraction in nabbing Pathmanathan," Mr. Rajapaksa was further quoted as saying said.
The Defence Secretary said, that the LTTE was cautious one of the deadliest and elusive terrorist clothes in the world and now it has been well-established out not only in Sri Lanka but even globally following the arrest of K.P.
"The outside armed forces which helped the LTTE next to the sovereignty of Sri Lanka will now learn a bitter lesson with the arrest of Pathmanathan," the Defence Secretary said.

Wanted : LTTE Suicide "bomber" Abdul Shalam Fatima Yasmin

The Sri Lanka Terrorist Investigation Division(TID) urgently calls on the public to give any information to help take into custody the above named suicide bomber who according to information frequents the area of Old Moor Street, Colombo 12 to the phone numbers given below or to an Officer of the security Forces or Police, or the neighboring Police position
The particulars are given below.

Name : Abdul Shalam Fatima Yasmin
Address : Old Moor Street , Colombo 12
ID No: 857835641 V
Date of Birth : 09.10.1985
Contact :
Police Headquarters : 011-2421111
Terrorist Investigations Division : 011 - 2321839 011- 2451636 011- 2384401
Crimes Investigation Department: 011-2320141
Colombo Police Emergency Operations Room : 011- 2243333

Plans to rehabilitate ex-LTTE cadre

Deputy Minister of Justice and Law Reforms V.Putthirisigamoney told the `Sunday Observer' that the office was in the procedure of formulating long term tactics to rehabilitate and reintegrate into society over 10,000 ex-LTTE combatants who are now housed in separate wellbeing camps in Vavuniya and other places.
A high level meeting attended by Ministers, the Commissioner General of treatment and senior office officials is to be held soon to discuss instant measures that need to be initiated in this regard, he also said.
Vocational training, instructive programs, educational facilities, trauma counselling and provision of suitable service opportunities will be main areas for the rehabilitation of the ex-LTTE cadres, he stated.Commissioner General of Rehabilitation Maj.Gen.Daya Rajapaksa said that they were now at the planning stage and would soon begin the rehabilitation process in harmonization with the pertinent ministries, donors and monetary support groups.
Deputy official General of Rehabilitation, Modastus Fernando, said that the Bureau of Rehabilitation was intent on ability building, including staffing of an adequate number of professionals and staff, logistic arrangements and acquiring a suitable place with buildings and all amenities, for housing the rehabilitation centre
Courtesy ; Sunday Observer

Street lights for Mannar and Vavuniya

Street lamps have been installed in Vavuniya and Mannar towns to light up infrastructure and thoroughfares that were plunged into darkness during the separatists war. A sum of Rs. 9 million was spent to repair the injured street lighting under Uthuru Wasanthaya program, the Ceylon Electricity plank Project Manager for the Northern region Gratian Muthukudaarachchi told the Sunday Observer.
"We have decided to hand over the street illumination to the Government Agents of these regions," he said.
He said following the separatists war Urban Councils and Town Councils in the Northern province that maintained street lighting fell into disuse. Several areas in the Jaffana district will also be provided with electrical energy when work at the Kokavil broadcast is completed under two phases following the construction of a Tower. The second stage will be completed when transmission work begins. The construction work at the Mankulam-Killinochchi power line that began lately will be completed when the Power line reaches Kokavil in three weeks time. "Electricity will be provided much earlier to these areas from a generator," the Project boss said.
Meanwhile 400 transformers will be installed from Weli-Oya along the coastal line up to Mannar and the villages in the A -9 road and settlements of the five districts that comprise Mannar, Vavuniya, Mullaitivu, Killinochchi and Jaffna.
Courtesy ; Sunday Observer

Lt. Gen. Denzil Kobbekaduwa & Veteran War Heroes Remembered

Lt. Gen. Denzil Kobbekaduwa Major General Wijaya Wimalarathne
One of the finest War Heroes in our contemporary history, Lieutenant General Denzil Kobbekaduwa is remembered on 8th August by grateful fellow armed personal and populace of Sri Lanka as seventeen years have passed after his untimely bereavement.
Lieutenant General Denzil Kobbekaduwa whose leadership and command brought about a lot of victories to Sri Lanka Army during shut to the beginning battles of the Eelam wars fell silent on 8th August 1992 along with military veterans, Major General Wijaya Wimalarathne, Rear Admiral Mohan Jayamaha, Lieutenant Colonel H.R Stephen, Lieutenant Colonel G. H. Ariyarathne, Lieutenant Colonel Y N Palipana, Commander Asanga Lankathilaka, Lieutenant Colonel Nalin de Alwis, Lieutenant Commander C. B. Wijepura and the soldier, Private W J Wickremasinghe while they were on military task in Araly Point in Kayts, Jaffna.
Lieutenant General Kobbekaduwa's Regiment, Sri Lanka Armoured Corps (SLAC), has organized a commemoration rite, together with spiritual performances at the "Rock House", SLAC Regimental Headquarters where floral wreaths would be laid in his honour.
In the meantime, special religious observances have been prearranged by Mrs. Laly Kobbekaduwa, together with family members, relations and close friends in Anuradhapura and Thanthirimale areas.

Rear Admiral Mohan Jayamaha Lt Colonel YN Palipana Lt Colonel HR Stephen Lt Colonel GH Ariyarathne

Lt Commander CB Wijepura Lt Commander Asanga Lankathilaka Major Nalin de Alwis Private WJ Wickremasinghe
Lieutenant General Denzil Kobbekaduwa along with several other military best made the supreme sacrifice when Tiger terrorists activated a blast against their vehicle on 8th August 1992 as they were in Araly Point in Kayts, Jaffna.
Lt Gen Denzil Kobbekaduwa, an old Trinitian, joined the Sri Lanka Army on 25th May 1960. After the basic armed training at the Army Training centre, he left for Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst, UK for further preparation and was commissioned to the Sri Lanka Armoured corps, as a Second Lieutenant afterwards on 03rd August 1962.
A series of remembrance religious behavior to mark the seventeen death birthday of the military chief, Lieutenant General Denzil Kobbekaduwa, the legendary War Hero of our times have been organized, giving fame to donation of dry food to less fortunate in Thanthirimale, conduct of alms givings and Bodhi Poojas, Dhamma sermons, etc.
Courtesy -
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Both Army & Navy Chiefs meet Mullaittivu Military Chiefs

Army Commander Lieutenant General Jagath Jayasuriya and Navy commander Vice Admiral Thisara Samarasinghe together flew to Mullaittivu area Saturday (08) morning, in order to plan out new security measures and inquire into the needs of newly establish Security Forces Headquarters (SFHQ) Mullaittivu. This is their first visit to Mullaittivu after they assumed duties in their own commanding capacities. They were conventional on arrival by the Commander safety Forces Headquarters (SFHQ) Mullaittivu Major General Nandana Udawaththa.
Commander of the Army was accorded a Guard create and Guard of Honour at the entrance to SFHQ(M). Lieutenant General Jayasuriya later on spoke to all officers at SFHQ (M) hall. The visiting Commander also planted a Mango sprout in the premises to signify his primary visit after the Humanitarian Operations.
Afterwards, Army Chief visited 59 Division where he addressed the officers and armed of the division and declared open the new Welfare shop.
By that time Navy Commander after conclusion of his commitments go back to the SFHQ (M). Major General Nandana Udawaththa Commander SFHQ (M) obtainable mementoes to both of them as token of their kindness visit to the area. The two visiting commanders left their signatures on the VIP book at the SFHQ (M) before living Mullaittivu.

The Commander of the Navy inspecting the Guard of Honour Commander of the Navy reviewing the operational readiness of the Eastern seas with the Operational Staff

Commander of the Navy after inspecting 'FARA lll' Commander of the Navy being presented with a memento
Courtesy : Sri Lanka Army

Canada praises Govt efforts to resettle IDPs

Canadian International collaboration Minister Beverley Oda who visited the Manik Farm Welfare village in Vavuniya on Thursday and saying for herself the schools, occupational training centres, hospitals and clinics there, said the Government was making a huge effort to provide basic needs and remove IDPs in the North.
She made these observations at a push conference at the Foreign office yesterday.
She said the Canadian administration had provided Canadian $ 22.5 million this year to resettle the inside displaced persons.
She also noted that the Canadian Government assisted Sri Lanka following the tsunami and would continue to help with the economic development and wellbeing of all Sri Lankans.
Courtesy - Daily News

Troops recover more war items

Sri Lanka Army Troops attractive the clear and search operations in Mullaittivu and Batticaloa districts recovered more weapons and ammunitions yesterday (August 7 ) too.
Troops of Task Force 8 healthier the following list of items in the universal region Puthukkudiyiruppu East
Item Quantity
Hand Grenades 24
RPG HE Rounds 09
RPG Heat Rounds 06
Shot Gun 01
7.62 x 54 mm Rounds 2400
25 x MPMG Links 79
50 x MPMG Links 350
Peddle Gun Rounds 53
12.7 mm Rounds 40
60mm HE Rounds 07

Troops of the similar Task Force found the next war materials in the general area Puthukkudiyiruppu West.
Item Quantity
I COM set 01
Map 01
Sea Mines 04
40mm G/L Rounds 01
RPG Rounds 01
Peddle gun Rounds 01

Meanwhile the Troops of STF in Batticaloa district responsibility the search operations on received in order uncovered two C-4 Explosive cans (55.5 kg) in the general region Taravikulam.

Special security for Madhu Feast

The police has implemented a special security plan to ensure a peaceful Madhu banquet this year and cater to the safety of vast crowds expected during the festival season, DIG (North) Nimal Leuke told a press meeting held in Vavuniya yesterday (August 7).
He said devotees coming on pilgrimage to Madhu from the South and other parts of the country can proceed to Madhu through Medawachchiya without a hassle. Pilgrims be supposed to register themselves at the entrance to the shrine by filling a form available at all Churches, Police stations and SSPs offices throughout the country. Pilgrims visiting Madhu between August 6 and 11 have to return the same day through Medawachchiya.
Those coming from August 12 to 16 will be allowed to wait over at the sacred region.
Pilgrims coming from August 6 to 11 could pass through Medawachchiya between 6 am and 12 noon daily, as those coming on August 12 and 13 can pass from side to side Medawachchiya from 6 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Those on the return trip from August 6 to 13 should pass through Medawachchiya check point before 10 p.m. daily while those recurring on August 14 should pass through similar before 12 midnight. On August 15 and 16 those returning should pass through Medawachchiya before 10 p.m. and on August 17 they should do so before 2 p.m. The public will not be allowed to stay back in the sacred region after August 17.
Liquor and animal protein would not be allowable in the sacred area, said Rev. Fr. David Alexander Silva, Media Co-ordinator of the Madhu shrine. Drinking water, physical state and all other facilities will be provided to pilgrims without limit. Pilgrims will be allowable to park small vehicles shut to their camping tents. There will be a particular commons for vans.
Courtesy - Daily News

Italy allocates Rs. 48 million more for IDPs

The Italian Government has decided to allocate UNHCR a further contribution of Euros 300,000 (Rs. 48 million).
This is following the UNHCR 'Global Appeal 2009 Update' in favour of the 280,000 Refugees in Vavuniya and with the aim of causal to the international labors to assist the Government in alleviating the conditions of the refugees of the new conflict.
The Italian payment will fund UNHCR activities in the caring and lawful assistance, education and hygiene for the IDPs, as well as in assisting the Indian and Sri Lanka Governments to identify modalities for a unpaid and dignified return from India of Sri Lankans who fled the state due to the ethnic disagreement
Courtesy - Daily News

Sri Lanka is capable of defeating LTTE terrorism wherever it emerges- Defence spokesperson on KP's arrest

Sri Lankan forces, intelligence units and other defence authorities are capable of defeating LTTE terrorism where or whenever it tries to reemerge, says administration Defence Spokesperson, Minister Keheliya Rambukwella.
Speaking at a special media briefing held at the Media Centre for National safety (MCNS), Colombo; Minister said that LTTE's self claimed leader after V. Prabhakaran and the outfit's head for international terrorist activities Kumaran Pathmanadan alias KP was arrested outside the island yesterday (Aug 6) and brought into the country this morning (Aug 7).
The Minister underscored the importance of the arrest as the removal of the residual LTTE leader who tried to overshadow the country's victory over terrorism.
" Though we have productively defeated LTTE in the battle, a seed of doubt was left in the minds of average people that there was a possibility for KP to recommence the terrorist activities , owing to the link he had with international terrorist network.", said the Minister.
The Minister further pointed out that there has been a clear effort by some of the unpatriotic politicians to down play the forces victory over terrorism and to endorse an idea that LTTE will make a reply with KP's leadership.
"Our defence establishment have foreseen this state of affairs, and proactively and determinedly taken action to defeat this and also taken the key LTTE remainder into custody", he said.
Also, he highlighted though the suspect was among the most wanted radical by many INTETPOL and various other foreign law enforcement agencies, it was the Sri Lankan authorities that finally located him.
Finally, the Minster pointed out the international support that Sri Lanka is at present having in her try to curb terrorist behavior. Though he did not divulge all the details of the arrest due to safety reasons, he said that arrest was made a achievement due to the unreserved , and adequate support of the " international friends" of Sri Lanka.
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Embassy of Sri Lanka in Washington hosts "Peace Forum"

A special gathering of peacemakers explored the subject "A New Vision for Peace in the 21st Century," held at the residence of the Ambassador of Sri Lanka on July 30th 2009 in Washington DC. The Sri Lankan Embassy partnering with Universal Peace Federation (UPF) International and UPF-USA obtainable a program which introduced the core principles and practices that can facilitate the creation of a earth in which people of every race, culture and religion can live jointly in peace.
At long last, the three decades of military conflict in Sri Lanka has ended, and the government is looking to establish a sustainable peace for their people. For this cause, Thursday's agenda was particularly timely and moving.
An overflow crowd of diplomats, Ambassadors for Peace and new visitors, encountered the exotic Sri Lankan atmosphere of the Ambassador's house and were welcomed by Ambassador Wickramasuriya himself, and his cordial staff. A delicious array of Sri Lankan foods and famous Ceylon tea was served for the reception, as precious relations and new friends were made.
Mistress of Ceremonies: Tomiko Duggan, Director of the (UPF) Office of Embassy Relations, Washington, D.C., welcomed the spectators and introduced the gracious host for the evening, the H.E. Jaliya Wickramasuriya, Ambassador of Sri Lanka. After showing a beautiful film of Sri Lanka, the Ambassador communal sincerely about his country as it savors a hard won peace and at the similar time faces post disagreement challenges.
Ambassador Wickramasuriya greeted us the customary way, "Ayubowan," which means, "May you live long". Sri Lanka is the oldest democracy in Asia and rich in culture; however, nearly three decades of the recent civil war, which ended in May this year, caused a large amount of displaced families to live in the government-run centers. Now that peace has returned, the government has launched an determined plan to rebuild 80,000 new homes for those move people, who "have a right to voluntary return, in security and dignity, to their original places of residence." They have also just completed a assignment to remove 1,000 land mines near the northern city of Jaffna . In conclusion, he stated that now is the time to heal old wounds. The Ambassador invited everyone to visit Sri Lanka . It is a happy place, full of a new liberty and excitement for a prospect of peace, happiness and prosperity.
Mr. John Dickson, a Committee Chairman with the World Trade Centers friendship, Inc., shared his thoughts on the topic, "Peace and Stability through Economic Growth and Development" Mr. Dickson praised Sri Lankan government for appointing an diplomat from the private sector, noting the practical and effectual natural world of the Ambassador's appearance. Mr. Dickson went on to give particulars the association flanked by business, peace and stability.
After an inspirational musical appearance and an introductory video to UPF, Mr. Jim Flynn, Secretary General of UPF-USA delivered a complete synopsis of the main beliefs of peace building and reconciliation which are the central pillars of UPF's work of establishing peace throughout the world.
At the close of the program, new Ambassadors for calm were appointed and welcomed to UPF's global network of peacemakers by the Washington area Secretary General, Ms. Gail Paine. Sri Lankan Ambassador to U.S, H.E. Jaliya Wickramasuriya, was chosen as an Ambassador for Peace, while two other Sri Lankans were among seven the newly appointed Ambassadors for Peace.
Ambassadors for Peace are a global network of leaders representing the spiritual, racial and ethnic diversity of the human family, as well as all disciplines of human try. They stand on the ordinary ground of communal principles, committed to the path of promoting reconciliation, overcoming barriers, and building peace.

Cross section of peacemakers Ambassador Wickramasuriya addresses the gathering of peacemakers
Courtesy: Embassy of Sri Lanka - Washington DC