Sunday, August 16, 2009

Security forces continue clearing operations - Mullaittivu

Security forces continuing with clearing operations at Mullaittivu have exposed more military hardware concealed by LTTE terrorists. According to finalized military information, Task Force -8(TF-8), troops have exposed a large tow LTTE arms East of Puthukudiyirippu, yesterday Aug 9).
Items Description Quantity
T- 97 Mgazines 20
Electrical detonators 350
9 MM pistol rounds 1000
0.45 ACP pistol rounds 550
Suicide jackets 02
0.22 weapon 01
T- 56 assault riffles 06
C-90 weapon 01
Thermoberic empty case 01
T-81 assault riffle 01
Thermoberic weapon 01
Arul Bombs 10
Claymore mines 02
Range finders 13
I-com base stations 02
Yaesu HF base station 01

Meanwhile, next list of items were also uncovered by the troops in a similar payment process conducted West of Puthukkudiyirippu.
Items Description Quantity
T- 56 assault riffles with magazines 02
81 MM mortar trappings 04
RPG rounds 04
Hand grenade 01
82mm mortar rounds 02
12.7mm mortar rounds 48
Also, troops uncovered 47 anti-personnel (AP) mines in universal region Sugandhipuram. Meanwhile, following list military hardware were establish in general area Kappulankulama.
Items Description Quantity
T-56 assault riffles 03
Gas Tubes 25
MPMG link 80

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