Sunday, August 16, 2009

More LTTE military items uncovered - Mullaittivu

Sri Lanka Army uncovered more LTTE military items in payment operations conducted in Mullattivu area yesterday, 10 August, military account said.
Troops of Task Force 8 (TF-8) deployed in Puthukkudiyiruppu east uncovered next list of LTTE military hardware, military account received from the battlefront said.
Item Quantity
Micro Pistol 02
T 56 weapon 04
AP Mines 12
Anti Air Craft Gun 02
Paddle Gun Barrel 01
Liquid Chemical Cans (25L) 04
Liquid Chemical Cans (4L) 06
Oxygen Cylinders 30
T-56 Ammunition Boxes 59
100mm Rounds 18
Copper Cable Rolls 41
Ammunition (suspected to be Pistol Rounds) 120
I-Com Radio Sets 03
Military Books (in Tamil language) 17

Same troops uncovered an unidentified bomb and one 81mm mortar surrounding in a clearing operation conducted in Puthukkudiyiruppu west while 38 x Anti-personnel mines, 02 x 120mm mortar rounds and 6 x 81mm mortar rounds were exposed from general area Sugandhipuram on the same day, military report added.
Separately, troops of Commando group exposed a Micro pistol, the report additional said.

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