Sunday, August 16, 2009

LTTE network shattered forever - Defence Secretary

"The arrest of LTTE mastermind Kumaran Pathmanathan alias KP has let down completely the potential of LTTE raising its ugly head again" Defence Secretary Mr. Rajapaksa was quoted as saying throughout an interview with the Sunday Observer commenting on the arrest of the LTTE arms dealer.
According to Secretary Defence, the arrest was a result of hard work done for almost two months with the help of several countries. With his arrest any option of the now defunct terror group regrouping again has been thwarted, Mr. Rajapaksa was quoted as saying. According to Secretary Defence every feature was carefully monitored to take this 'prize catch'.
"Pathmanathan was busy reestablishing the LTTE. He even went to the degree of forming a `transnational' government. However, the timely and the punctual act made the take into custody of KP imminent devastating all his prospect plans," Mr Rajapaksa said.
Commenting further on the take into care he said "Several countries rendered their support in arresting K. P. Therefore, the hold up of those countries was commendable. The perfect international relations members established by President Mahinda Rajapaksa played an significant role in apprehending the LTTE `strong man".
"It is vital at this point in time to protect the details and other information between to countries and the officials who had played their fraction in nabbing Pathmanathan," Mr. Rajapaksa was further quoted as saying said.
The Defence Secretary said, that the LTTE was cautious one of the deadliest and elusive terrorist clothes in the world and now it has been well-established out not only in Sri Lanka but even globally following the arrest of K.P.
"The outside armed forces which helped the LTTE next to the sovereignty of Sri Lanka will now learn a bitter lesson with the arrest of Pathmanathan," the Defence Secretary said.

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