Sunday, August 16, 2009

All countries must join against terrorism - President

All countries must join against terrorism - President
"Terrorism is not only a problem for Sri Lanka. It is also a complexity for the whole world. All these countries that have been rivalry and talking against violence must get together and put a stop to this menace", said President Mahinda Rajapaksa in an meeting with News X India.
Kumaran Pathmanathan alias KP's arrest last week was very significant for Sri Lanka because he was the person who claims to be the new head of the LTTE after the bereavement of V. Prabhakaran, the President said.
He said the International group of people must now help Sri Lanka to crack downward on the global financing arm of the LTTE, and that the LTTE was still very active in some countries, chiefly in South-East Asian and European countries. In his interview President Rajapaksa reiterated his promise to democracy and said that the answer to the national question in Sri Lanka should be a home grown one and not one that was based on suggestions from other countries. It should be a answer which can be agreed by all communities.
"Devolution can be done. We have that in our organization. We want to bring in a new chamber to share power with the minorities and the provinces. Federalism completely is out in Sri Lanka", he said.
At the instant the proposal of a second chamber has not yet been discussed and there were proposals about it, he further said.
He said the Government was charitable the uppermost main concern to resettle IDPs, and reiterated its assure to settle rthem in 180 days. In the 180-day programme for resettlement, the priority is de-mining.
President Rajapaksa stressed that infrastructure facilities should be recognized to let the IDPs to be resettled with opportunities for a good livelihood.
Courtesy:Presidential Media Unit

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