Sunday, August 16, 2009

Troops recover more war items

Sri Lanka Army Troops attractive the clear and search operations in Mullaittivu and Batticaloa districts recovered more weapons and ammunitions yesterday (August 7 ) too.
Troops of Task Force 8 healthier the following list of items in the universal region Puthukkudiyiruppu East
Item Quantity
Hand Grenades 24
RPG HE Rounds 09
RPG Heat Rounds 06
Shot Gun 01
7.62 x 54 mm Rounds 2400
25 x MPMG Links 79
50 x MPMG Links 350
Peddle Gun Rounds 53
12.7 mm Rounds 40
60mm HE Rounds 07

Troops of the similar Task Force found the next war materials in the general area Puthukkudiyiruppu West.
Item Quantity
I COM set 01
Map 01
Sea Mines 04
40mm G/L Rounds 01
RPG Rounds 01
Peddle gun Rounds 01

Meanwhile the Troops of STF in Batticaloa district responsibility the search operations on received in order uncovered two C-4 Explosive cans (55.5 kg) in the general region Taravikulam.

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