Sunday, April 27, 2008

Wanni advances continue: 18 LTTE killed in clashes

At least 18 LTTE were killed and similar numbers wounded as SLA infantry and armour battalions ripped through south most LTTE defences during multi-pronged assaults launched from Mannar, Vavuniya and Welioya yesterday (April 25).

According to the Wanni ground sources, troops made further strides into the non-liberated Wanni area after securing the sacred Madhu shrine from LTTE, in 2 fronts from Palampiddy and Thatchchanamarathamadu. In the Mannar theatre of battle, 3 LTTE were reported killed during confrontation with SLA at general area Palampiddy, while 3 more were killed separately in general area Thatchchanamarathamadu. A soldier also received injuries in the confrontation with LTTE, security sources said.

Separately, troops clashed with LTTE killing 2 in the same area, sources further said.

Meanwhile, in the Vavuniya front 5 LTTE were reported killed during intermittent clashes erupted between troops and LTTE in general areas Veddaimurippu and Nedunakandal. 7 LTTE were also reported wounded following the confrontations in Neduankandal.

According to reports received, 5 LTTE were killed and another injured when troops clashes with LTTE in general areas Kokkuthudduval and Janakapura North in Welioya.

Meanwhile, MCNS sources said that 17 LTTE were wounded in addition to 4 soldiers in the Wanni front yesterday.

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