Wednesday, April 30, 2008

LTTE's "18 Base" falls to troops; 42 terrorists killed, 38 wounded - Mannar

Troops have captured the LTTE's stronghold called "18 Base" (One-Eight Base) located at north of Parayakulam in Mannar front inflicting heavy damages to the enemy today, April 30.

Clashes erupted when the troops deployed in general areas Parayakulam, Karukkakulam and Kattankulam were advancing towards LTTE defence line around 5.15 am and brought the entire area where LTTE's "18 Base" located under fully security forces control following heavy fighting lasted for hours, defence sources in Mannar said.

By monitoring LTTE radio communication, it is learnt that 42 LTTE cadres were killed while another 38 suffered injuries due to this battle.

Six army soldiers suffered injuries during this gun battle and they were airlifted to the hospitals for immediate medical attention.

Sri Lanka Air Force MI24 helicopter gun ships provided aerial cover to the ground troops by destroying two identified LTTE gun positions located in general areas Karukkakulam and Chalampikulam, sources further said.

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