Sunday, April 27, 2008

Air Force attacks LTTE base in Iranamadhu while army secures Palampiddi - Wanni

Sri Lanka Air Force fighter jets pounded a key LTTE base located in the Iranmadhu jungle in Kilinochchi this morning (April 25). According to the Air Force sources, the raid was launched around 9.30 am , after having verified the target through air surveillance and ground intelligence.

The base located inside the jungle patch, South East of the LTTE's runway in Irnamadu. The air force sources have confirmed accurate bombing and considerable damage to the terror base, the sources added.

Meanwhile, military sources on the Vavuniya battlefront said that advancing troops are presently securing the Palampiddi area, around 8 km North of Madhu area. Heavy clashes have been reported from the area as troops are on the track of the terrorists, the sources further said.

Reports coming from the Madhu area say that the terrorists have not caused major damages to the Church Complex before withdrawing from the area. This was mainly due to the fact that army could evict the terrorists without confronting them directly in the No War Zone. Most of the damages seemed to have caused by the sound of the LTTE artillery weapons positioned near the church, the reports said. However, there are ample evidence that the terrorists had been using the church as a terrorist base, as large number of bunkers, trenchers, mortar pits, and artillery positions found in side the church complex, the reports added.

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