Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Civilian info averts sabotage attempt- Bandaragama

The Bandaragama Police recovered explosives, detonators, iron nails and 2kg of ammonium nitrate (NH4NO3), following precise information given by a civilian to the Police Emergency Information Unit (119) yesterday (April 29) morning at 7.10.

According to Police sources, the recovery was made when search operations were conducted in general area Veedagama in Bandaragama. A bag was found left in a by road near the 'Veda Temple' at Veedagama and following items were recovered, Bandaragama Police said.

Item Description Quantity
Gelignite slabs 10
NH4NO3 02kg
Gun powder (low explosives) 400g
Non-electrical detonators 04
Flexible wire roll (black & red)
Iron nuts and bolts 5kg
Iron nails 3kg

"Our applaud should go over to the vigilant civilians who made it possible to avert a possible sabotage attempt", Bandaragama Police OIC was quoted as saying.

NH4NO3 is an oxidizing agent used in explosives, including improvised explosive devices. It is also used with fuel oil mixtures and has reportedly been used for bombs in terrorist acts such as the Oklahoma City bombing (April 19, 1995).

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