Saturday, April 26, 2008

Wanni liberation continues; 28 terrorists killed in yesterday's clashes

Finalized military reports received from battlefronts in the North indicate 28 deaths of LTTE cadres during yesterday's (April 21) clashes with Army. In addition, according to the reports, one soldier was killed and 17 others suffered injuries during these clashes.

In the Jaffna theatre of battle, troops launched several attacks at LTTE defences in the Muhamalai and Elthumaduwal areas during the day and claimed 4 LTTE bunkers were destroyed. 2 LTTE cadres were reportedly injured in these attacks. 4 soldiers suffered injuries due to LTTE mortar fire and anti personnel mine (AP) explosions.

On the Mannar front, troops in a pre- dawn attack captured LTTE stronghold called "Lima Base - 3" located at east of Kattankulam . Seven LTTE terrorists were killed in this incident while one soldier was also killed and 8 others suffered injuries. Further , snipers deployed in the Manthota and Kattankulam area claimed shooting down of 4 LTTE cadres. While clearing their way further into the Wanni territory, troops removed 71 AP mines and 8 booby traps laid by the terrorists. 2 soldiers suffered injuries due to AP mine explosions in Minnukkaid and Kattankulama areas.

On the Welioya front, troops had a series of daylong clashes with LTTE cadres in the North of Janakapura and the North of Kiriibbanwewa and claimed to have killed 9 terrorists and wounded 6 others. A soldier suffered injuries in one of these clashes occurred in North of Janakapura area.

On the Vavuniya front, troops claimed to have killed seven terrorists during the clashes occurred in Palampiddi , Thachchanamaruthamadu and Navathkulam areas on the same day. Two soldiers suffered injuries in these incidents .

Limited military operations are continuing ...

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