Sunday, March 29, 2009

LTTE built earth bund cum ditch North of Palamathalan seized

55 Division troops under the command of Brigadier Prasanna Silva have breached LTTE defences and gained manage over an LTTE built earth bund cum channel constructed North of Palamathalan, Saturday (March 28).
Unable to face the military onslaught terrorists have fled putting-up less argument security sources said adding that at least 8 terrorists were killed and 17 others injured in yesterday's fighting. Terrorists are incessantly mounting heavy artillery and mortar attacks from the administration declared No Fire Zone, and this has been the only respond the losing terrorists could give avoiding direct meeting with military, safety sources said.
During following search operations conducted, troops have found 2 LTTE bodies the distance end to end of with 2 T-56 assault riffles, the sources further said.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Heavy beatings for terrorists; 13 LTTE bodies found - Puthukkudiyirippu

LTTE terrorists are opposite a definite defeat as government safety forces have by now confined the terrorist to an area about 21.5 Sq Km including the No Fire Zone which was affirmed by the Sri Lankan government to ensure the security of the innocent Tamil civilians forcibly detained by the terrorists.
Troops of 58 Division a lot confronted with LTTE terrorists in general area Puthukkudiyirippu and Iranapalai causing considerable damages to the enemy. In a following search operation conducted in the area following hours-long fighting, troops have found 13 bodies of LTTE terrorists killed during the confrontation. 6 x T-56 weapons are also found during the search operation, military sources added.
Meanwhile, troops of 9 Gemunu Watch (9 GW) serving under 582 Brigade have eccentric the Sivinagar Tamil school in Puthukudiyiruppu occupied by the LTTE terrorists for their terrorists activities.
unconnectedly, army snipers deployed in forward defences in Puthukudiyiruppu gunned down 16 LTTE terrorists in front of the own defence line, armed report conventional from the battlefront said.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

53 Div troops uncover 5 LTTE bodies - Puthukkudiyirippu East

Troops of the 53 Division have inflicted serious compensation to LTTE following serious hostility that erupted in general area East of Puthukkudiyirippu yesterday (March 25), military sources said.
During following search operations conducted, infantrymen of the 5th Gemunu Watch (5 GW) have found 2 LTTE bodies, 1x I-com set, a Tata double cab and 7 x T-56 physical attack riffles, the sources said.
Meanwhile, infantrymen of the 7th Gemunu Watch (7 GW) conducting alike search operations have also recovered 3 LTTE bodies. According to reports, 8 x T-56 physical attack riffles, 1x T-81 assault riffle and a light machine gun were also recovered by 1 Gajaba Regiment (1 GR) troops.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Navy rescues 108 Tamil Civilians fleeing from LTTE Hostage

Sri Lanka Navy rescue 108 Tamil civilians who had been fleeing from the cruel LTTE hostage in Mulaithivu. The Navy rescued them on the 21st March 2009 in the seas of Chundikulum approximately 1210 hrs.
The rescued consisted of 33 adult males, 28 mature females and 47 children. The group had been establish on board 06 white flag-hoisted dinghies while attempting to flee from the LTTE control in the un-cleared areas of Mullaithivu.
Upon rescuing, all were brought aground at the Munai Beach and provided with much-needed food, food and ingest and medical assistance. The rescued spoken their heart-felt thanks to the Navy for coming to their rescue. After the beginning investigations, the rescued civilians were handed over to the public relations member officer of the SLA at Point Pedro.
The mass departure of the innocent Tamil civilians evasion from LTTE clutches is now on the rise. This is largely due to the self-assurance they have placed in the Government Security Forces whose caring operations have helped Tamil civilians to get out themselves from the terrorists' clutches.
Sri Lanka Navy has made special preparations to help innocent Tamil civilians fleeing from the LTTE control. Naval workers and vessels along with stand-by rescue and medical teams are on particular use for this caring assistance assignment in the North-eastern seas.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Over dozen LTTE terrorists killed, many injured in Mullaittivu fighting

At least 23 terrorists were killed and as many reported upset on Wednesday (March 18) as 58 Division infantrymen ran into identified LTTE confrontation positions situated in universal area Northeast of Puthukkudiyirippu.
According to battlefield information received, troops have uncovered 12 LTTE bodies, similar number of T-56 assault riffles and an I-com set during following look for operations conducted in the area. Meanwhile, 11 more terrorists were reported killed sniped in the area, safety sources said.
Separately, 55 Division snipers deployed in general area South of Chalai have too allegedly killed 8 terrorists yesterday military sources said.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

55 Div troops gain control over Pattikarai area in Mullaittivu

Troops of the 55 Division have gained total control over general area at Pattikarai after hours of intense firing swap that ensued with LTTE Tuesday (March 17). Meanwhile, troops advancing further south have also captured the LTTE built earth bund cum channel causing heavy injured to LTTE throughout the confrontations, security sources said.
4 terrorists were also reported killed sniped in general area Pattikarai, according to armed reports received.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Sri Lankan soldiers continue fighting terrorists, rescue more civilians - Puthukkudiyiruppu

Reports conventional from the battlefield so far indicate that the soldiers of Sri Lanka Army 53 Division, 55 Division and 58 Division are ongoing on their noble mission to save civilians by force held by the LTTE in the remaining terrorist beating areas in Puthukkudiyiruppu.
Despite all the restriction that the military have to countenance due to terrorist use of human shield, Sri Lankan soldiers were able to save more that 400 civilians by the this afternoon (Mar 16), point to the reports.
Also, soldiers of Army 53 Division in service in Puthukkudiyiruppu East battled the terrorists from morning to evening inflicting heavy damages to the terrorists. Troops found 7 bodies of LTTE cadres, along with seven T-56 riffles and one radio communication set after the clashes. A sniper deployed in the same separation area of blame, long-established acquisition of one terrorist aim throughout daytime.
Separately, troops of Task Force 2 now busy in active defence and mine payment process in the Puthukkudiyiruppu West area uncovered 900 ammo used for 9mm pistols, 780 dismissal devices of claymore bombs, 42 fuses of mortar bombs during the day's operations.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Sangaree appeals to Prabha again

The TULF leader V. Anandasangaree in his latest letter previous week to LTTE leader V. Prabhakaran called for his give in along with his cadres as that would be the only way to save the Tamil people who are by force detained in a small area in the North.
Sangaree in his letter said "As far as we can see the war is over. What is incidence these days is mopping up and winding up operations in a small area where 81,000 families had been squeezed into. Detaining these people for an indefinite period will not help you in any way.
"The future place of your whole group is also extremely insecure. Rather than behind all of them please come to your senses and put aside the remaining information of your cadre. Please give in them and all of them can be saved under a general official pardon. Please break up your organisation and give in to the Armed Forces. This is the only way by which you could save them.
"You are being accused by the international community of ill-treating the people. The UN and EU had fated your action. The UN High Commission for Human human rights and organisations like the Amnesty global have accused you of by force detaining innocent people.
The Tamils in important cities all over the world have demanded that the blameless people should be saved, who do not speak for you. The message for you is to release our people. The blame of saving Tamils is now completely in your hands," Anandasangaree said in his letter to Prabhakaran.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Another 281 civilians rescued from terror clutches with navy assistance - Mullaittivu

Sri Lanka Navy has facilitated rescuing of 281 civilians held imprisoned by the LTTE terrorists in Mullaittivu.
Navy sources said that, the 6th batch of civilians including patients requiring instant medical notice was transported to Trincomalee by the "MV Greed Ocean" yesterday (Feb 28). The Navy provided the safe passage for the vessel carrying civilians from Mullaittivu and conventional the passengers at Trincomalee harbour.
Navy medical teams provide instant checkup action to the needy patients winning disembarkation and rapid them to the government hospital Trincomalee for additional treatment.
MV Green Ocean has been charted by the government of Sri Lanka in order to save civilians held as human protect by the LTTE terrorists in Mullaittivu. The International Committee of Red Cross (ICRC) sails the ship under its flag. The Government Hospital of Trincomalee has been adequately staffed and provided with sufficient stocks of drug by the Health Ministry of Sri Lanka in order to meet the compulsion.
According to the Navy source, the last lot of civilians included 95 men, 128 women and 58 children. Out of them 65 men and 72 females were patients.
From 10th February 2009, Sri Lanka navy has assisted rescuing of 1907 civilians counting large number of patients by MV Green Ocean. This was in adding to the large number of civilians rescued by Sri Lanka navy sea units deployed in the Northeastern coastal waters.