Monday, March 23, 2009

Navy rescues 108 Tamil Civilians fleeing from LTTE Hostage

Sri Lanka Navy rescue 108 Tamil civilians who had been fleeing from the cruel LTTE hostage in Mulaithivu. The Navy rescued them on the 21st March 2009 in the seas of Chundikulum approximately 1210 hrs.
The rescued consisted of 33 adult males, 28 mature females and 47 children. The group had been establish on board 06 white flag-hoisted dinghies while attempting to flee from the LTTE control in the un-cleared areas of Mullaithivu.
Upon rescuing, all were brought aground at the Munai Beach and provided with much-needed food, food and ingest and medical assistance. The rescued spoken their heart-felt thanks to the Navy for coming to their rescue. After the beginning investigations, the rescued civilians were handed over to the public relations member officer of the SLA at Point Pedro.
The mass departure of the innocent Tamil civilians evasion from LTTE clutches is now on the rise. This is largely due to the self-assurance they have placed in the Government Security Forces whose caring operations have helped Tamil civilians to get out themselves from the terrorists' clutches.
Sri Lanka Navy has made special preparations to help innocent Tamil civilians fleeing from the LTTE control. Naval workers and vessels along with stand-by rescue and medical teams are on particular use for this caring assistance assignment in the North-eastern seas.

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