Saturday, March 14, 2009

Sangaree appeals to Prabha again

The TULF leader V. Anandasangaree in his latest letter previous week to LTTE leader V. Prabhakaran called for his give in along with his cadres as that would be the only way to save the Tamil people who are by force detained in a small area in the North.
Sangaree in his letter said "As far as we can see the war is over. What is incidence these days is mopping up and winding up operations in a small area where 81,000 families had been squeezed into. Detaining these people for an indefinite period will not help you in any way.
"The future place of your whole group is also extremely insecure. Rather than behind all of them please come to your senses and put aside the remaining information of your cadre. Please give in them and all of them can be saved under a general official pardon. Please break up your organisation and give in to the Armed Forces. This is the only way by which you could save them.
"You are being accused by the international community of ill-treating the people. The UN and EU had fated your action. The UN High Commission for Human human rights and organisations like the Amnesty global have accused you of by force detaining innocent people.
The Tamils in important cities all over the world have demanded that the blameless people should be saved, who do not speak for you. The message for you is to release our people. The blame of saving Tamils is now completely in your hands," Anandasangaree said in his letter to Prabhakaran.

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