Friday, April 17, 2009

53 Div advances towards Vellamullivaikkal

Troops of 53 Division ongoing with its hostage-rescue operations made additional advances towards Vellamullivaikkal from East of Puthukkudyirippu amidst serious not direct fire launched by the LTTE terrorists from the government affirmed No Fire Zone, yesterday (April 16).
According to finalized armed reports received, LTTE terrorists have constructed steep soil bunds to restrict both advances of security forces and movement of civilians crossways open land terrain. "They have also cluttered the area with anti-personnel (AP) mines and land mines harshly restricting civilians from flee LTTE hostage", a defence observe said citing precise ground reports recived.
Infantrymen of 1 Gemunu Watch (1 GW) on unpleasant under 53 Division have exposed 3 bodies of LTTE terrorists killed in hours-long fighting took place yesterday. 10 x T-56 arms were also found during the similar search and clearing process, military account added.
Meanwhile, troops of 5 Gemunu Watch (5 GW) confronted with LTTE terrorists on their advances towards 53 Div advances towards Vellamullivaikkal and inflict heavy recompense to the enemy. 2 bodies of LTTE terrorists were found throughout the subsequent search process the length of with 5 x T-56 weapons and 1 x Multi Purpose Machine Gun (MPMG), the armed report added.

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