Thursday, September 4, 2008

Wanni liberation in progress despite heavy terror resistance

Following heavy clashes that lasted for two days since Monday (Sept 1) in Akkarayankulama and Nachchikudha areas on the southern Kilinochchi warfront, troops of Army 57 division and Task Force 1 have been able to dominate several locations of the 18 Km long terror defence. LTTE terrorist s gave their fullest effort to halt soldiers' advance but aborted their mission after suffering heavy losses to the life and the material . At present, troops are consolidating their positions.

According to the defence sources, the terror defence in the South of Kilinochchi is consisting of an earth bund running Zigzag from Nachchikudha to Akkarayankulama along with many military trenches, bunkers and strong points.

On Tuesday (Sept 2) morning, snipers deployed in the Akkarayankulama area reported shooting of two terrorists.

Also, Troops of Task Force 1 attacked an LTTE bunker located in the Vannerikulama area around 12 noon and claimed 7 terrorists killed. Two soldiers suffered injuries during this incident.

Meanwhile on the Vavuniya front, troops of Task Force 2 had series of clashes in the Palamodai area during daytime yesterday and claimed having killed 7 terrorists and wounded 4 others. Troops also found a telescope and a Radio communication set of LTTE during subsequent searches.

Army 56 division troops operating on the same front attacked an LTTE bunker located in the Navatkulama area last evening. Troops confirmed one terrorist was killed in this incident.

Meanwhile on the Mullaittiuvu Eastern front, troops of Army 59 division had daylong clashes with the terrorist in the Andankulama area. Troops confirmed 3 terrorists were killed, 2 others wounded and 4 more were either killed or wounded due to the clashes. One solder went missing in action and 2 others suffered injuries. Troops also found a terror bunker and 5 military trenches abandoned by the terrorists.

Troops removes 14 AP (anti personnel) mines from the Andankulama area during the day's operations.

In the Jaffna theatre of battle, snipers deployed in the Nagarkovil and Muhamalai areas claimed one terrorist was shot down during morning hours.

Counter terror operations are being continued.

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