Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Troops success in Vavuniya; even Black Tigers ran for their lives - soldiers

Sri Lankan security Forces once again displayed their professionalism and combat effectiveness in counter terrorist warfare yesterday (Sept 9) when they crushed the combined ground and air attack carried out by the LTTE in Vavuniya.

A group of "Black Tigers" or the members of the terror band for brainwashed suicide cadres launched a predawn attack at the airbase Vavuniya with the support of heavy artillery and aerial bombardment. However, they miserably failed even to get a glimpse of their target when they met with Army elites on the way. According to the reports, the aim of the terrorists was to destroy the vital air force assets including the air defence radar located in the airbase.

The terrorists' barrages of 130mm artillery could not prevent the army counter offensive and the whole mission became a flash in a pan as troops hunted down all the "Black Tigers" outside the perimeters of the Wanni Security Forces' complex. According to the soldiers who took part in the battle, the so called "Black Tigers" had quickly taken on to their heels in all directions when Army Special Forces soldiers had started their hunt. Reports indicate about 70 artillery rounds had been fired by the terrorist to prevent army soldiers countering the ground assault.

During the attack 13 soldiers laid down their lives and 18 others sustained injuries. Also, one Police constable was killed, 8 Police personnel and 5 Air Force personnel were injured.

Troops found 11 bodies of LTTE cadres along with weapons. Among the weapons seized, there were 1 Multi Purpose Machine Gun (MPMG), 2 Rocket Propeller Grenade launchers (RPG) with 4 bombs, 1 grenade launcher (40mm), 6 T-56 riffles, 27 hand grenades, 4 radio communication sets, 3 suicide jackets, 14 jackets, 32 pistol rounds, 1 GPS and other accessories of weapons and bombs. Among the slain terrorists there were 6 males and 5 females, clad in Army uniforms.

Defence observers are in the view that the terrorists had planed the attack to revive the sagging morale of the fighting cadres and to convince the Tamil Diaspora that its fighting capacity was intact despite the increasing battlefield losses. Also, they contended that the incident would be a harrowing defeat for those terror fund raisers overseas. Those who fight war in the internet and fund LTTE to send more Sri Lankan Tamil children to death would certainly be disappointed, they stated.

Meanwhile, battlefield reports received from Northern battlefront indicate 23 deaths and 28 casualties to LTTE in yesterday's clashes. Also, 2 soldiers were killed and 13 others sustained injuries during the day's incidents.

On the Kilinochchi South front, terrorists made two abortive attempts to break the Army forward defence in the Panailandamadu area around 8.15 PM. Troops of Task Force 1 repulsed the attack successfully and beat off the terrorists. Later, intercepted terror radio transmission revealed that 6 terrorists were killed and 12 others injured during the clash. Two soldiers were killed in action and 9 others sustained wounds.

In the general area North of Rumulamunai, troops attacked a terror bunker around 11 AM and claimed 2 terrorists were killed and 2 others wounded. In a similar attack carried out in the Vannerikkulama area around 6.20 AM troops claimed 2 terrorists were killed and 3 others wounded. Meanwhile, snipers deployed in the Kariyalaimoddai area reported shooting down of 3 LTTE cadres during afternoon hours.

Troops of 57 division operating in the West of Mullaittivu front, attacked two LTTE bunkers located in the Akkarayankulama area around 1.30 PM. Intercepted terror radio transmission revealed 2 terrorists killed and one wounded.

In the general area East Anichiyankulam, a soldier suffered injuries due to an IED (improvised explosive device) last afternoon.

On the North of Vavuniya front, troops of Task Force 2 attacked and capture a terror overhead bunker located in the Palamoddai area around 1PM. Intercepted terror transmission confirmed one terrorist killed and 3 others wounded. Meanwhile, snipers deployed in Palamoddai confirmed shooting down of 2 terrorists during morning hours. Elsewhere, a soldier suffered injuries in an AP (anti personnel) mine explosion around 4 PM.

In the general area North of Navatkulama, troops of 56 division carried out two separate attacks at terror bunkers during morning hours and claimed one terrorist was killed and 2 others wounded.

On the East of Mullaittivu front, troops of 59 division attacked and captured a terror trench defence located in the Ulathuvely area around 1.30 PM. Troops found one terror body during subsequent search. Later in the evening, troops attacked and captured 4 terror bunkers and 5 trenches located in the same area.

In the general area Andankulama, troops confronted the terrorists at several occasions and claimed 3 terrorists were killed, 5 others wounded and 4 more were either killed or wounded. Also one soldier sustained injuries

Meanwhile, troops engaged in mine clearing operations in the area removed 85 AP mines and disposed 6 IEDs.

In the Jaffna theatre troops continued to attack terror locations in the Muhamalai and Ponnar areas. However, exact terror casualties in these incidents were not available. One soldier suffered injuries in an AP mine explosion in the Ponnar around 9 AM.

Counter terror offensives are being continued.

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